Hiring a Consultant? Don’t Make These 3 Common Recruiting Mistakes

13903383190_5920c870e1_bManaging the recruitment process is a big responsibility. But certain decisions can increase the odds of finding the right candidate, saving everyone time and money. Here are three mistakes to avoid when hiring a consultant.

1. Setting the budget too low or too high

Not paying enough for a project can result in turning away great consultants–and the person you do hire may end up feeling resentful. Setting compensation too high can also be a problem. It may put undue pressure on the consultant and possibly lower their performance. Instead of risking a budget that’s completely off the mark, research similar projects in advance to determine a reasonable amount.

2. Not crafting a detailed project description or inquiry

Because highly-qualified consultants usually have plenty of opportunities, they tend to seek out the most compelling inquiries. Before posting inquiries, it’s important to make sure you’ve:

  • Spelled out exactly what the job entails
  • Included an approximate budget
  • Proofread the inquiry for grammar and spelling errors

3. Assuming there is such a thing as “the perfect applicant”

In most cases, there simply won’t be an applicant who meets every single requirement on your checklist. For that reason, rejecting all of the applicants who don’t can backfire. Why prolong the staffing process, passing on candidates who–although their resumes may not be picture perfect–are more than competent, and may end up excelling at the job?

Recruiting is not a perfect science, and a lot depends on the skills of the recruiter. But by avoiding these pitfalls, you can improve your pool of applicants and narrow down the list of contenders–and find the best person for the job.