Inquiry Roundup – Food Science

Food ScienceFood Science

Our team in Southern California would like to hire a Food Technologist who is familiar with HPP and is interested in participating in sales either as a Sales Director or as a presenter along with the sales person.

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Food Science

We are in need of a food science consultant to assist us with refining our whey protein drink. We have done a preliminary run through Tetra Pak and while the taste is good there is a very strong egg/sulfur smell that is very bad. We need assistance in removing this.

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Candy Formulation

I am attempting to create an all natural, organic alternative to candy melts, or something similar to magic shell but a thicker consistency and with the ability to harden and flavor naturally. I have been researching extensively but guidance from an expert would tremendously help me in my pursuit. Thank you all so much.

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Gelatin Food Casing

I need help finding a food chemist who can assist me in creating an alcoholic-based product in a gelatin food casing.

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