Success Story: Francesca Prada

FrancescaZintro expert Francesca Prada  is an executive producer with Diana Films. She has over 15 years of experience in Film, Television, Documentaries, Advertising, Social Media, Games, and Digital Content. Francesca is a content strategist who has been recognized for her ability to identify, recruit, and mentor emerging talent and partners, and for her global insights into film, cultural, and media trends.

Francesca’s has found success on the Zintro platform assisting clients with marketing and other projects. Describing a recent experience, she explains, “We worked well together. It was effortless and pretty wonderful given our time difference and linguistic differences.”

Francesca’s also been referred to other clients for her work through Zintro. “The client on this project introduced me to a colleague who also needed my help,” she concludes.

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