Introducing Zintro Partner InnoCentive—the Global Leader in Crowdsourcing and Prize Competitions

InnocentiveWith more than 10 years of experience in the Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing space, InnoCentive has positioned themselves as the global leader in crowdsourcing and prize competitions. And why not? Global companies–including the Fortune 500, Non-Profits, and Government agencies alike–work with Innocentive. They run prize competitions on the InnoCentive platform with tremendous success, tackling some of the world’s toughest problems and capturing solutions that have impacted millions of people–check out some of the customers on their website.

InnoCentive’s Challenge Driven InnovationTM methodologies work through the principles of open innovation and crowdsourcing. For example, as highly specialized and advanced as an internal R&D department can be, there will always be people outside of the company–or part of the crowd–that may have the knowledge needed to help solve a problem. It’s the diversity of the crowd– the InnoCentive Solver network–combined with knowledge of the department that allows companies to overcome innovation barriers faster and more cost-effectively than traditional methods of solution discovery.

And for InnoCentive Solvers, there’s a great opportunity to make a positive impact, mentally stretch oneself, and earn rewards while trying to solve problems! InnoCentive Challenge awards range from $5,000 to $1,000,000 and over $17,000,000 has been awarded through InnoCentive Challenges so far.

Become an InnoCentive Solver!

The 365,000 InnoCentive Solvers reside in nearly every country globally and range from university lecturers and retired scientists to inventors and business consultants. It’s FREE to register as a Solver and Challenges fall under all expertise areas – from life sciences, chemistry to business and humanitarian. Click here to see the Challenges that are currently open for submissions.

InnoCentive and Zintro are currently undertaking a cross-promotional collaboration, and many individual InnoCentive Challenges will be highlighted as Zintro inquiries in the coming weeks.

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