Inquiry Roundup- Food Science

imagesOrganic Preservative

I am looking for a food science expert in helping us extend the shelf life of Aloevera juice and other herbal juices without using Sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Currently we are using SB, and PSand Citric acid as preservatives or stabilizers. We have been asked to bring our product into distribution and therefore, we will need to add a natural preservative to our product so that our shelf life would be adequate for the distribution channel. We are located in India.

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Shrimp Saxitoxin And Food Contamination

Our client is seeking an expert in Saxitoxin and food contamination for their case regarding U5 shrimp which was fresh water farm raised. The selected expert will testify whether Saxitoxin, which affects wild ocean crayfish, can affect fresh water farm raised shrimp. Prior testifying experience is preferred, but not required.

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Food Technology


we are a research company and are interested in carrying out some qualitative interviews with industry experts. As we are not yet 100% sure of the scope of the survey, it is not that easy to define the target group. Like said, they can be working in a wide range of organisations and businesses (universities, research institutions, MR and marketing agencies etc.). They would need to have a good sense of the food industry (for example they are people who are invited to speak in different events) e.g professors, top business journalists, business directors from benchmark companies, top creative directors etc. Would you be able to point me in the right direction for contacting these people in the UK so I can contact them and ask for their co-operation.? We would be providing a charitable donation on their behalf or direct payment for their time (about 45 minutes).

Thank you

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Food Engineering

I need a formula for “imitation Romano cheese”. I currently sell to my largest customer “Domestic Romano cheese” that I do the old-fashioned way; using milk, enzymes, and maturation time of around 1 year.

I recently became aware that my customer has been purchasing large quantities of the imitation kind.

My customer uses large quantities of hard cheeses in their processing plant. The cheeses include imitation Parmesan, Romano, Asiago, and Pecorino.

I was given a sample and it is a vacuum-sealed block of cheese that is similar to Domestic Romano with the exception that it is not too hard.

I need to be able to pour this formula into a box which I would be using a box and plastic liner and must taste very close to Romano.

I need the formulation of an imitation Romano Cheese that does not need 1 year to mature and that will give me a price-point advantage over my competitors.

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