Inquiry Roundup- Medical Reimbursement

We are an authorized Zintro partner interested in connecting with executive payors with the following top US Medical Insurance Companies:

United Health Group
Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Blue Care Network
Kaiser Permanente
Health Net

We’d like to hear from CURRENT Pharmacy Directors and Medical Directors.

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We were initially set up incorrectly with Medicare as an IDTF, and Medicare was denying all E/M codes. We re-sent the application with the change to a “Group Practice” so that we can bill E/M codes as well as X-ray codes. However, Medicare is telling us that we may have to wait another 90 days for that to go through. We can’t wait that long, we are a new start-up with limited resources….we need help with Medicare.

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I am looking for someone who has experience in toxicology billing and who could guide my client through a consulting arrangement on how to set up panels appropriately and when to Bundle and Unbundle lab services based on payor requirements and best practices. I have been told by my customer that there is a trend in bundling of services in the industry and I am looking for an expert to consult with our client on thursday August 13, 2015. My company will pay you for this initial consult to our client and you will then be able to contract directly with them for ongoing consulting services. My customer will contract with whomever I recommend. I will need someone who may be interested to contact me this evening if possible. This extremely urgent. I am the National Director of Mental & Behavioral Health Services for my company. we are a $45 million /year company with 400 employee’s. This will start as a phone consult Thursday August 13th and will move into a project consult from there.

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