Ebola Vaccine Begins Distribution

vaccine imageLast month, preliminary results on an Ebola vaccine in Guinea suggested it was 100 percent effective against the disease. As a result, Doctors Without Borders began to recommend distribution of the vaccine in countries in Western Africa. Ebola has killed more than 11,000 people. Wired argues that the data is incomplete because all study participants received it immediately after exposure.

Ramkumar Rajagopalan is a Zintro expert who has more than 16 years of experience in Vaccines Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Market Research and two years of African work experience. When asked his opinion about the vaccine, he responded, “This is very good news, but we need to justify the efficacy. The study was conducted with fewer numbers and only in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, but we need to know how effective it is in other west African countries–especially Nigeria. But something good is better than nothing in this case.

Zintro expert John “Jack” Woodall PhD  has 50 years` experience in laboratory work with hemorrhagic fever viruses directing tropical virus laboratories for The Rockefeller Foundation, New York State, CDC and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As co-founder and Associate Moderator of the internet outbreak early warning system ProMED-mail he has been involved in the moderation of more than 400 posts on Ebola on ProMED since the first reports appeared on the Internet in March 2014.

He commented that the interruption of a trial that shows positive results in order to extend the drug to all people at risk is common practice in cancer therapy trials, and that even a weak vaccine like that for cholera (only 50% effective) has been found helpful by some countries in reducing the numbers of patients overwhelming health facilities in by a country facing a cholera epidemic.

Note: According to the Washington Times yesterday, “It’s unlikely an Ebola vaccine will join chickenpox, measles and tetanus shots as standard for the general population, but officials will have to decide how much of the vaccine to stockpile, and whether to require mandatory vaccination for those with high-risk jobs.”

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