“How to Automate Software Development and Engineering”

Zintro Webinar

Presented by Stephen F. Heffner, President – XTRAN, LLC

Presenter’s Note:
“The software delivery process is becoming more and more automated, using sophisticated tools for code version control and release control. However, the process of software creation itself is ripe for automation as well.

This Webinar will describe an expert system approach to achieving that automation, using a rules language to capture and deploy software engineering expertise to automate the assessment / analysis, transformation / re-engineering, and even translation of computer languages, as well as data and text. This approach a) allows deployment of expertise in the absence of the expert, and b) leverages that deployment to a scale far beyond an individual expert’s capabilities.”

About Stephen:
Stephen F. Heffner has been an enterprise/systems architect since 1964, an international consultant since 1972, a software entrepreneur since 1977, a Wharton professor from 1983 to 1994, and an Expert Witness. He is the creator of XTRAN, an expert system / meta-tool for automating the assessment, transformation, and translation of computer languages, data, and text.

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