Inquiry Roundup- Electrical Engineering

Electrical EngineeringElectrical Equipment Saudi Arabia

I would like to get insights on various electrical equipments, focusing on the Saudi Arabia market.

Price quotes, prices movements and price drivers are required.

Product Categories: Transformer, Reactor, Switchgear, Conductors, Power Cables, Insulators, Batteries, Circuit Breaker, Meters, Supervising Equipment, Telemetering Equipment(e.g Transducers, Protective Relays, Terminal Block, CCVT and / or Coupling Capacitor Carrier)

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Saudi Electrical Equipment Market

Hello, I’d like to know prices and historical price movements of some electrical equipments in Saudi Arabia. This is not for a specific project. Only market prices are required.

Required product categories: Transformers, Compact Substation, Reactor, Switchgear, Switches, Bare Conductor, Cables, Insulators, Circurt Breaker, Protective Relays, Meters, Insulating Oil.

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Commercial Energy In California

I represent a commercial interest in California. We share a large building with another commercial venture. The structure for utilities distribution and billing was set up 30 years ago. I seek an energy consultant to look at our arrangement and recommend improvements/modifications relative to delivery and billing of Gas, electrical and water services.

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