Success Story: John Verdone

John VerdoneZintro expert John Verdone is a coatings chemist/formulator with 27 years of experience in the coatings industry. During that time, he has formulated many coatings over a wide range of substrates. A graduate of the College of Central Florida, John specializes in formulation, quality control, research & development, lab equipment maintenance and color matching.

John has had considerable success working with clients on the Zintro platform. He recently discussed his experience assisting a Zintro client. “It was very satisfying to use my coatings background to help out the client. He was very happy with my work.”

Due to his satisfaction with the Zintro process, John plans on working on additional projects. He explains, “Zintro offers a nice service. Everything went very smoothly. I look forward to helping out future clients.”

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