Zintro Feature Update: Close Inquiries + New Links + View Profile + Tools & More

Our Product and Engineering teams have been hard at work this past month building new features and updating existing ones. Here are some of the highlights below:


1) Direct inquiries no longer expire.
Found a good Expert? Keep your 1 to 1 conversation with that expert open indefinitely allowing you to continue to interact, engage and to make multiple payments over time.

2) Close Inquiries
Did you find who you were looking for or simply would like to stop receiving responses from new experts? Closing an inquiry makes it very easy. If you found someone for the job, the easiest way to let other experts know is to close the inquiry and start a new conversation with the expert you chose.

Close Zintro Convo

3) New LINKS section added to expert profiles along with automatic link import on expert signup
Experts can add various social profile or other relevant links to the expert profiles.

Zintro Profile Links

4) VIEW PROFILE link added to conversations
Clients can now easily view your full profile from clicking on your expert card in Browse experts.

Expert Profile Link

5) New TOOLS icons with description & Zintro fee calculator
Now experts can easily submit quotes with proposals to clients and see what their fee and the Zintro fee will be.

Zintro Payment Fee

6) New payment tool in conversations along with streamlined payment process
a. Reduced number of fields
b. Easy to understand workflow
c. One step payments

Zintro Payments Tool

7) Request to cancel payments
Your payment is in escrow, but you decided to no longer hire the expert? No problem, click the link and request a cancelation. Our conflict resolution team will get in touch with you as soon as possible and help you reach an agreement. We can now revert your payment in escrow.

Cancel Payments