Inquiry round up- Food Packaging


We are looking into purchasing a machine to pack washed and processed leafy greens and herbs in clamshell packaging. I am looking for someone who can consult on the best options available for our operation.

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Topic: Animal feed packaging/ bags

We are a global research firm and an authorized Zintro partner looking for experts who could consult for a study on industrial animal feeds packaging.

The expert should have a background in animal feed production/ sales, and be in a position to speak about the usage (in proportion terms) of various bags and packaging solutions for various feeds (pig/ poultry/ cattle).

The expert needs to be available to consult with us via phone consultations. If interested, please contact me. Thanks!

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I’m developing a few products that feature fresh cut vegetables. I’m trying to determine:

(1) What’s the optimal packaging for each vegetable type?

(2) How long the shelf for each vegetable be with the optimal packaging?

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