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askchemistChemical Manufacturing In Germany


Looking for Industrial & Specialty Chemical Experts to share their expertise in understanding the following information for Silica and Silica Gel.

1. Production process

2. Raw material and percentage contribution to produce 1 Kg or 1 MT.

3. Electricity consumption (kWh/Mt or kWh/Kg)

4. Number of labours required

5. Average plant capacity

6. An indicative cost break up

Geographical scope: Germany

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Chemical Manufacturing


I hope this message finds you well. I am currently working on a project focusing in the Chemical industry and I would like to get in touch in order to offer you a very short phone consultation at your convenience.

What number could I reach you? Many thanks for your help!

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Aroma Chemical Manufacturing

We are developing a technology for aroma chemical manufacturing. Chemical is well known but raw material and manufacturing process are different. There are different impurities in our product and some of them may have odor. We are looking for expert/perfumer help with testing the odors of the samples to define which impurities affect the odor of our product.

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