Zintro Feature Update: Closing Inquiries

New Feature – Closing Inquiries


If you have submitted an inquiry on Zintro, you already know you will get most responses within 24 hours and several responses within just a few days.

Our new feature for closing inquiries allows you to:

  • Stop receiving new responses while letting all existing responders know that you have closed the inquiry.
  • It makes it easy to let all experts know that you have already found someone for your Project, Job or Consultation.

Experts on Zintro are trying to make efficient use of their time, so closing an inquiry once you hire someone is a great way to let all the involved experts know that they were not selected for this project.

Once you close an inquiry, it will be moved to your PAST CONVERSATIONS.

You can always open a past conversation and start a new one with any involved expert.

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