4 Growing Niches for Consultants

consultantConsultants play an important role for the companies and private clients that need their services. Consultant duties vary greatly, depending on the project and consulting niche. The projected growth for the following four consultant niches is high, providing many opportunities for people who specialize in these areas:

1. IT
Projected growth through 2022: 37 percent

Many businesses rely on technology to operate efficiently. IT consultants strive to make a company’s technology system faster, more reliable, and cost effective. Depending on an IT consultant’s area of specialty, duties may include creating new software, protecting systems from cyber attacks, or handling database administration.

2. Engineering
Projected growth through 2022: 15 percent

Businesses hire engineering consultants to assist with their design and construction needs. The field of engineering consulting is wide, with many areas of specialty. For example, mechanical engineers may be asked to improve indoor air quality and implement plans for more efficient heating and cooling. Electrical engineers may help create solutions to electrical problems in various structures, regulating energy distribution.

3. Environmental Science
Projected growth through 2022: 19 percent

Environmental science consultants have a specialized knowledge of problems in the environment and work to develop solutions to them for planners, utilities, transportation systems and other businesses. Much of the growth is expected as businesses continue to consult with environmental scientists to minimize the effect their operations have on the environment. Duties often include collecting air, water and soil samples for lab testing.

4. Marketing
Projected growth through 2022: 22 percent

Marketing analysts study and evaluate market trends so that they can recommend which products a company should produce and sell. There are opportunities for marketing consultants in all industries that distribute a product or service. Consultants design and conduct surveys and evaluate the feedback in company reports. Providing advice about design, distribution and promotion, marketing consultants help businesses target the most profitable markets.

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics