3 Qualities Shared by Successful Consultants

15357511258_cbf39f66bb_mHiring consultants provides a cost effective way for companies and small businesses to gain access to special services, and consultants are more popular now than ever before. According to estimates by Plunkett Research, global consultants in HR, IT, strategy, operations, management and business advisory services made about $431 billion in 2014. For those individuals who have considered breaking into consulting, it takes talent and initiative. When hiring consultants, business look for people who are:

1. Trustworthy

Bottom line: If you have a tough time following through on your commitments, you won’t make it as a consultant. Consultants need to build credibility with their clients from the beginning in order to develop a strong reputation for getting things done. The good news is that by establishing trust, you open the doors to more opportunities in the future.

2. Detail-oriented

A fine attention to detail is crucial for consultants because it is one of the top ways to build trust with clients. What does it entail? All of you deliverables should be error-free. Of course, not every consultant is born with an eye for detail. One way to protect your work from errors is to follow the advice offered by teachers since the beginning of time: Check your work. Make a master list of actions you should take to eliminate careless mistakes, such as reviewing documents for errors with the following:

Page numbering

3. Resourceful

Not even the best consultant knows the answer to every question. What makes a great consultant stand out from the pack is the ability to find the answer. Quickly. You need to establish the most effective resources for any problem. That includes the confidence to ask clients clarifying questions instead of hoping you’ve got the right idea.
Establishing yourself as a consultant is a process, but by focusing on these three skills you will be headed in the right direction. Zintro is a global online marketplace with over 100,000 highly specialized Expertise Providers and a set of tools that makes it easy to find, initiate discussion qualify and conduct business with them. For consultants, Zintro provides free or inexpensive lead generation and marketing tools to help convert those leads into lucrative engagements.

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