Pharmaceuticals, Homeopathic Remedies and the Marketing Connection

homeopathyA recent article on The Gateway discussed how most pharmacies place homeopathic remedies and pharmaceutical drugs side by side. As a result, consumers may believe all of the treatments are equal in effectiveness. In reality, homeopathic remedies aren’t required to undergo the same strict testing as pharmaceutical drugs.

Zintro expert Camille Forte is an online marketing expert with extensive experience in social media management, branding strategy and web analytics. She shares her opinion about the marketing of homeopathic drugs.

“I believe the co-existence of homeopathics and prescription drugs on the same or adjacent shelves has more to do with marketing than it does the testing required to legitimize their effects,” explains Camille. “The lack of formal testing performed on homeopathic remedies is a dual-edged sword; one could argue that their benefits would be made inaccessible if subjected to the same rigorous testing.

“By the same token, it is the lack of testing and positioning of the products that lends them the credibility of thoroughly tested pharmaceuticals, thus improving their sales, benefitting the pharmacies’ bottom lines regardless of the disconnect between the two product segments.”

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