Inquiry Roundup- Medical Device Industry

Medical Device Medical Device Registration

I am a Regulatory Affairs specialist for an organisation based in the US. We are looking for a regulatory consultant who can register a medical device in Morocco (french speaking country).
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Middle East Medical Devices

We are a medical device company with a 510(k) approved product looking for help with expanding our distribution into the Middle East. We are looking to consult with someone who has recent experience with establishing distribution channels in the Middle East who can assist us with locating and selecting the best distributors for our product . This person should also have a deep understanding of this region’s distribution contract requirements and be able to advise on what is possible and expected.
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Nitinol Medical Device

I’m a Medical doctor ( main field ophthalmology-retina surgery) at the Academisch Medisch Centrum in Amsterdam.I’m deeply interested in creating a New Medical device in nitinol ( using its qualities of memory shaping) with a thin film of Pvd or similars.I’d be really grateful if you could contact me in order to talk about this project.
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Medical Device Distribution

IQMS is a Manufacturing ERP Software company. We will be hiring an Industry Manager for our marketing department. The person would be responsible for guiding and being the face of our marketing efforts in the medical device industry. If you would like to apply send your resume.I am the Chief Marketing Officer for IQMS.
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