Three Lifestyle Advantages of Being a Consultant

Flexibility Life StyleMany people left the corporate sector each year to become consultants due to the many financial benefits associated with self-employment. There are also several lifestyle advantages to consulting.

1. Balance: Attempting to find a balance between work and family is a common struggle for anyone working in the corporate world. When you work for yourself, you get to decide which projects to accept and which to pass on. Becoming a consultant can provide the freedom to continue earning a paycheck while carving out more family time. This can be a necessity for parents unable to find affordable childcare or caregivers responsible for their aging parents.

2. Freedom: Along the same lines, consultants have the flexibility and freedom to concentrate on projects that are fulfilling. For instance, consultants can define their code of ethics by choosing to work with companies and products that they feel strongly about. In addition, consultants have the freedom to schedule projects according to their own schedule. If a consultant wants to work several weeks in a row and then take a couple of weeks off, they can make it work.

3. Diversity: Consulting can also be intellectually stimulating, offering endless ways to explore new challenges and ideas. Consultants often participate in various community networking groups where they can build new professional relationships and discover potential opportunities.

Although there is always some risk to building your own business, the lifestyle advantages can be very tempting. When starting out, many people choose to consult on a part-time basis on the side so as not to lose the safety associated with a regular salary.

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