Great Places to Work When You’re Tired of Working from Home: Coffee Shops

coffee shopThis series covers several places consultants and freelancers can work productively. Last month we looked at coworking spaces. This post examines the benefits of working from a local coffee shop.

It seems as if office workers have always flocked to coffee shops during break time, but over the past decade the coffee shop has become the office environment for many people. Walk into any popular coffee shop on a weekday morning and you are bound to see freelancers sitting in front of open laptops— coffee cups sitting nearby. What’s the lure?

Fewer distractions. Sure, a busy coffee shop can be noisy. But when compared to the distractions that come from working at home there is no contest. At a coffee shop, there are no personal interruptions and it is much more difficult to procrastinate than when you are sitting on your living room couch. Choose a table outside of the traffic flow and bring a set of headphones and you can manage the background noise nicely.

Socialization. Being surrounded by productivity helps many freelancers stay on task. When you need a break, social contact is only a table away. Plus, when chatting with other customers, you may find someone who has just the skills you lack–a graphic artist to help with your website, a writer to handle your content needs. Networking can also get the word out about your own services. You may end up booking a client or two.

Caffeine and free Wi-Fi. One of the biggest benefits of working from a coffee shop is the…coffee! Always order something when taking up a table. When you need a refill, the barista is right there waiting for you. After a bit she won’t even have to ask your name. And now that free Wi-Fi is available just about everywhere, you can work online just as easily as offline.

Working from home can be isolating. A coffee shop is the ideal location for people who need to be “in the thick of things” to get their work done. A word of advice before staking out your spot—don’t forget your power cord.

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