Great Places to Work When You’re Tired of Working from Home: Coworking Spaces

coworkingOne of the benefits of being a freelancer or consultant is having control over your work space. Work at home and you can complete tasks in your pajamas with your cat at your side. Unfortunately, working at home also comes with distractions (i.e. other things you could be doing that don’t come with a paycheck). This series will cover several great places to be productive when you find it impossible to ignore the siren song of unwatched Homeland episodes on your DVR, not to mention the loneliness of having nobody to talk to about them.

Coworking is the trendy solution to renting a full-time office space. Unlike in a typical office environment, independent contractors and other freelancers share office space to avoid the pitfalls associated with working from home. In addition to being affordable spaces where you can share Wi-Fi and Keurig pods, coworking spaces provide a number of social and professional benefits, like:

• Opportunities for collaboration
• Expanded business networks
• Creative stimulation

Great Spaces
Coworking spaces are popping up all over the country. Here are three that are thriving:

1. Hera Hub
Hera Hub offers memberships for as low as $69 for eight hours a month at four locations: three in San Diego and one in Washington, D.C. The space is unique in that women-only. Hundreds of female entrepreneurs offer each other resources, mentoring and feedback in a supportive environment while enjoying perks such as weekly chair massages, aromatic candles, and relaxing music. There are also snacks, tea and spa water on hand.

2. Coco
With memberships starting at $50 a month, Coca in Minneapolis is housed in the 20,000 foot former-trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. CoCo markets its casual and permanent workspaces to independent workers, small businesses and corporate workgroups. Activities include a Member Social Hour and Breakfast Club. There are also locations in uptown Minneapolis, lowertown St. Paul and Fargo, North Dakota.

3. Grind
For $35 a day or $500 a month, New York City-based entrepreneurs and consultants can rent space at Grind, a members-only shared workspace. Grind has two NYC locations: Grind Park on Park Avenue and Grind Broadway at 1412 Broadway. Their newest spot is Grind LaSalle in Chicago. The physical space has earned Grind a reputation for being high-tech and sustainable. For example, members wave cards to open lockers. Grind sports low flow faucets, repurposed floors and LED lighting.

If you’re curious about coworking and want to find a place in your area, enter your city into a coworking search app like or

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