Success Story: Robert Sabath

RobertSabathZintro expert Robert Sabath is a senior supply chain and marketing specialist. He helps companies find effective ways to reduce costs while growing revenues by recognizing how sales and operations can build upon each other. His experience includes designing supply chains that sense varying customer needs and economics and then responding with segmented service capabilities that reduce costs while growing revenues, market share and bottom line profits.

“I am lucky enough to have had a long career focusing on a very typical area- the overlap between strategy and operations,” he explains. “Most of the work that I have done with Zintro clients has dealt with problems along this traditional business intersection. For example I have worked with companies dealing with indirect purchasing, especially the challenges that come from controlling the costs of sales facilities, advertising, priority shipping of samples and promotional materials, executive travel, advertising agencies, architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors and even management consultants. I have also worked with clients who face competitors’ challenges from the point of view of customer service, creative product development, imaginative technology development, and unique financing and servicing arrangements.”

Robert has had great success working on the Zintro platform. “Zintro is the only forum in which I have participated, which allows my unique mix of capabilities and my desired client groups to be targeted through the Zintro communication, bidding and negotiation process. The breadth and depth of the Zintro consultants, coupled with the variety of clients, consistently tests my ability to stretch, but has also provided me with ongoing relationships which are invaluable to me professionally.”

Zintro has experts in every industry sector, across every job function, in every geographic region. Recently, some of the following topics have seen inquiry activity: