Food Safety and Supply Chain

foodLast month we heard from Zintro experts about food safety, an issue responsible for an estimated 2.2 million deaths according to the World Health Organization. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), a 21 member group that facilitates economic growth, cooperation, trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region, is currently training scientists on innovative rapid detection methods for Salmonella and other food pathogens

Zintro expert Ian Bouchard is a food safety specialist who has been making and marketing consumer products for over 20 years on four continents. He shares his perspective:

Apart from the obvious health implications for improved systems of pathogen detection, there are huge trade consequences. Consumers in North America are bombarded with articles on dangerous ingredients and mislabeled foods coming from Asia. Evidence of food safety expertise can be leveraged to promote goods and will go a long way in assuaging consumers’ fear…this is also about messaging.

The issue also affects the efficiency of the supply chain. APEC members promoting trade with US firms can point to their own compliance with safety protocols, thus making the import process quicker and more reliable. Consumers are ultimately safer and government is called on to do fewer import inspections which saves taxpayers money.

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