“Outsmart the Holiday Weight Gain! (Stress Less, Weigh Less & Live More)” Presented by Rupina Meer

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Presented by Rupina Meer, Holistic Nutritionist, CEO & Founder, Zen-trition.

Presenter’s Note:
“The Holidays are a wonderful period of celebration, family and gratitude. But there’s something about cold, dark days and long nights that scream out for comfort filled meals. Plus you’re stressed to the max with your holiday shopping and before you know it, the stealth fat inserts itself in imperceptible degrees and suddenly you’re sporting a muffin top and recoiling in horror from your reflection in the mirror. But you don’t have to fall into this trap!”

About Rupina Meer:
Rupina Meer is a Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach trained at the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she was privileged to learn from luminaries in the field of functional medicine, including Drs. Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Deepak Chopra to name a few. Rupina is also trained as a practitioner in the Hormone Cure Protocol, a program created by Harvard physician and NYT best-selling author of The Hormone Cure, Dr. Sara Gottfried, to teach a new paradigm in women’s health and wellness.

Rupina’s mission is to teach women how to naturally balance their blood sugar and hormones, blast fat and boost energy so they can rock their skinny jeans again and live their dreams without diets, drugs or deprivation. Rupina teaches her clients delicious new ways to eat, think, move, and supplement and has developed a proven system, including bite-sized diet/lifestyle changes along with targeted herbs, and laser coaching–sprinkled with behavior modification tools and accountability–to ensure sustainable results. To learn more, visit http://www.zen-trition.com

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Enrique Levin:  Hello and welcome. My name is Enrique Levin, co‑founder and VP of product at Zintro. Zintro is a global online marketplace that helps connect companies with highly specialized consultants and other expertise providers for projects that range from one‑hour phone consults to multi‑month on-site engagements, and even full‑time jobs.

Today’s webinar, “Outsmart the Holiday Weight Gain: Stress Less, Weigh Less and Live More,” will be presented by Rupina Meer, holistic nutritionist, CEO and founder Zen‑trition.

Rupina is a board‑certified integrative nutrition coach, trained at the acclaimed Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she was privileged to learn from luminaries in the field of functional medicine, including Drs. Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman, and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

She is also trained as a practitioner in the “Hormone Cure Protocol,” a program created by Harvard physician and “NYT” best‑selling author of “The Hormone Cure,” Dr. Sara Gottfried, to teach a new paradigm in women’s health and wellness.

Her mission is to teach women how to naturally balance their blood sugar and hormones, blast fat, and boost energy so they can rock their skinny jeans again, and live their dreams without diets, drugs, or deprivation.

Rupina teaches her clients delicious new ways to eat, think, move, and supplement and has developed a proven system, including bite‑sized diet/lifestyle changes along with targeted herbs, and laser coaching, sprinkled with behavior modification tools and accountability, to ensure sustainable results. To learn more, visit her website www.zen‑trition.com, Zen‑trition.

We thought it would be a great opportunity for us to provide some value to our, over 160,000, users this holiday time of the year. We also care about your health, so we invited Rupina to join us for this webinar.

We’ll also be providing Rupina’s contact information at the end of the webinar for follow‑up. So stay tuned. Without further ado, I’d like to turn it over to our presenter, Rupina Meer.

Rupina Meer:  Great. Thank you so much, Enrique. Hello, and welcome everyone to “Outsmart the Holiday Weight Gain” webinar, where you learn the secret prescription to enjoying the time‑crunched, contagion‑packed holiday season, so you can stress less, weigh less, and live more without calorie counting, dieting, denial, and deprivation.

My name is Rupina Meer, and I’m so excited to share this material with you, and this all will fly by as we have a lot to cover, but at the end of the 60 minutes, I assure you, you will have some powerful strategies to navigate through the holidays without the stress, chaos, drama, and inevitable weight gain.

The holidays are really a wonderful periods of celebration, family, and gratitude. But unfortunately, there’s something about cold, wet, dark days and long nights that scream out for comfort‑filled meals, and the inevitable overeating.

Let’s face it, this extra calories lurking around every corner, frosted cookies at the office, eggnog at your neighbors, jolly doughnuts for Hanukah, or chocolates in your stockings. All these extras add up. But in perceptible degrees, the stealth fat inserts itself around your middle, and suddenly you’re moving to the next belt hole, and wondering why your jeans are so tight. Yikes.

What’s the harm in a little holiday weight gain, especially if it’s just a few pounds? But here’s the deal. According to researchers at the NIH, most Americans never lose those five to 10 pounds gained during the winter holidays. The pounds simply add up year after year making holiday weight gain, an important factor in adult obesity.

But if you’re on this webinar, you don’t have to fall into this trap this year. Chris, let’s take our first poll question.

Chris:  We’re going to give a couple of seconds for our audience to respond. The question is do you typically gain between five and 10 pounds each holiday season, and then struggle all year to get back your normal weight?

Most of our audience has responded. I can close to the poll question. Basically, 60 percent of our audience said yes, and 40 percent said no.

Rupina:  Wow. That confirms that hypothesis. This webinar is for you if you’re frustrated with the onslaught of the sugar season from now through New Year’s, and this vicious cycle of stress and weight gain that packs on the pound year after year.

It’s for you if you’re sick of sporting that extra tire, a.k.a. muffin top, spilling over your jeans which tends to enlarge with skyrocketing stress hormones, or you can’t get through your holiday shopping without massive doses of caffeine, 5‑hour Energy, Rockstar, or other energy drinks or giving into your secret stash of candy.

It’s also for you if you’re stressed about all this family time, reigniting old family arguments and letting your kids or mother‑in‑law turn you into this angry, judgmental, passive‑aggressive version of yourselves.

It’s for you if the hedonistic consumerism of the season makes you over spend, and you’d like to get in touched with the spiritual side of the holiday season. Finally, it’s for you if you want to rewire your relationship with the holidays, so you can have it all without waking up in January 10 pounds heavier, depressed, and flat broke.

Today, you’re going to discover the physiology of stress, and how the stress of the season and those elevated stress hormones are literally changing your body’s metabolism and calorie‑burning capacity, and what you can do to reverse this frustrating cycle of stress and weight gain.

You’ll also learn the fuel you need to power your day with, to ensure stable blood sugar, and how to fill up on safe foods before you head out to those holiday parties.

You’ll discover the number one thing that you should not skimp on, and how to prioritize this valuable commodity which can totally change your holiday weight gain woes.

You’ll also discover how to get your daily dose of vitamins T, P, and L meaning for Time, Pleasure, and Love. Finally, the peers of resistance is how to use your inner GPS to create a non‑food menu to nourish yourself this holiday season, and how to awaken your feel‑good from the inside out, without indulging in those holiday cookies and cocktails.

I will also unveil a very powerful mindset shift at the end. That is the number one root cause of emotional eating, and this will blow you away. Make sure you stay tuned in until the end of this webinar.

Now, I’m going to give you all I can in the one hour we have together, and I promise to show you how to take it further and go deeper, for those of you serious about not falling into the same old holiday trap this year.

Before we dive into the meat of this cause, let me tell you a little bit about why I’m so passionate about holistic health, about teaching you these secrets. Before I became a holistic health coach and nutritionist, I wasn’t very healthy myself.

I have an MBA and was in the corporate world, working in the high stress environment of an ad agency with persnickety clients in tight deadlines. Every day at 3:00 PM, it was almost like a religious ritual, I craved my Starbucks caramel cappuccino. I didn’t know back then that it packed 44 grams of sugar in the 16‑ounce cup, but I felt entitled to practically hooking up this IV of refined sugar to my body.

In about 30 minutes, as those feel‑good endorphins cascaded through my system, I felt a mood boost. I’m able to take on the rest of the afternoon with renewed vigor. But an hour later as my sugar crashed, I feel the crankiness, lack of control, and moodiness reappear and I was right back where I started an hour ago.

Now, the sugar cravings were really a minor piece of my health challenges. I also had two major health crises, that I now considered gifts that propelled me down these paths of holistic health.

I suffered a one‑time seizure from mixing my allergy meds with over‑the‑counter Sudafed, and my body totally shut down. That experience has radically changed my stream of consciousness from a pharmaceutical to a holistic perspective.

A few years later, I experienced a brief rash with the big C, cervical cancer, and that made me more aware of how food can be your medicine, and how our thoughts and stress levels can create a healthy or diseased body.

After all the suffering and decades of training, I am in tremendous awe of the power of the body’s intelligence, and the miracle we inhabit. I know one thing for sure, and that’s once we restore homeostasis, balance, and give the body a new chance it needs, it often just get out of its way. It can recover from anything.

I literally mean anything including so‑called terminal illness, and even the darkest of diagnosis as I’ve seen with hundreds of my clients, and most recently with my mom who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Did you know that sugar is the preferred fuel for cancer cells? The Standard American Diet is literally like throwing gasoline to fire.

The reason I’m sharing this is that my journey to wellness has compelled me to explore the streets of my own emotions, organs and cravings to manifest my optimal vitality. My mission is to empower you with these secrets.

As a board certified holistic health coach, I was privileged to be trained at the acclaimed Institute For Integrative Nutrition, where I learned from some of the most reviewed health and wellness luminaries of our sign, including doctors Andrew Weil, Mark Hyman and Deepak Chopra, to name a few.

I studied over a hundred different dietary theories, everything from traditional ayurveda, macrobiotics and traditional Chinese medicine, to modern concepts, like the zone glycemic index and the raw foods.

I truly embraced the concept of bio‑individuality which is one person’s food is another person’s poison. Unlike a registered dietician or a clinical nutritionist, I don’t come in with cookie‑cutter prescriptions of eat this and not that. It’s all about diving into your unique health situation, tapping into your body’s innate intelligence and amplifying that conversation with the right nutrients of supplement the right dose of exercise.

I combined my decades of education, mentorship and heart and soul into impairing you with this information, so you too can take back ownership of your health as you crash cravings, bluffed belly fat, boost energy and slim out your sexiest, most confident way. You can certainly learn more about me and my work at, zen‑trition.com.

Let’s dive into secret number one for my ultimate holiday survival guide. I want you to think outside the serial box, and start the day right with a protein‑powered breakfast. If you still take in Wheaties or your favorite cereal granola is the breakfast of champions. I ask you to think again.

Most box cereals are loaded with refined grains, sugar and artificial sweeteners that massively spike your blood sugar levels. That spike is followed by equal and opposite crash. Remember, what goes up, must come down. Meaning, you’ll be hungry in a couple of hours, and on the prowl for more sugary snacks. If you’re only going to do one thing, then make sure to eat them clean protein at breakfast, as that will set you up for normal blood sugar for the rest of the day.

The simplest and easiest way to do this is to whip off a low glycemic smoothie with a fistful of grains, any grains of your choice, 10 ounces of unsweetened nut milk like coconut milk or almond milk, one frozen banana, and a scoop of flax, hemp and TSCs. Easy‑piecy and a great way to start your day with some protein.

A smoothie is also a fantastic way of adding in nutrient‑dense foods does dark‑leafy greens, that will provide sustain energy to tackle your demanding to do holiday at least. It will also crowd out nutrient‑deficient crop macerating as food and sugary sodas, energy drinks that cause wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels.

This crowding out principle is something that is the cornerstone of my coaching program, because bottom‑line you simply can’t eat five fruits, vegetables a day, and still have room to binge on cookies and ice cream at the end of the day. It’s really that simple.

The easiest way to get these nutrient‑dense foods in your diet is to whip up your own fitness, your green, smoothie elixir. You can make a zillion combinations of the basic green smoothie by adding in one to two pieces of fruit, two cups of leafy greens, tinctail, spinach, Swiss chard, scoop of flax, chia or hemp seeds, and two cups of water or nut milk. Choose experiment and find the flavor profile that makes you come alive.

Did you know that pure acceleration of trying something new will actually decrease your need for and dependence on artificial stimulants, like caffeine and sugar? Go forth and see the possibilities, but I must warn you that you may experience massive improvements in physical well‑being, mental acuity and motivation, plus a full portfolio of fun.

Other smart breakfast options for high power protein include eggs scrambled, and grafted butter, or ghee with some potherbs. The biggest mistake I see with those traveling with holiday weight gain is that they skip breakfast, because they have a party or a dinner that night, and they want to save up their calories.

Research indicates that those who skip breakfast, approximately one‑third of the American population, had a 450 percent greater chance of being overweight or obese. Again, think again before you start skipping breakfast to see if you have the full calories.

Bonus tip is to fill up on protein‑rich face foods before you head put to your holiday party, and your fingers won’t be quite as likely to the calorie related industry. You can try any of these options. Just have some chopped up celery and carrot sticks dipped in hummus, 12 almonds, just some raw almonds.

You can also take them in a little Ziploc bag. Whenever you are traveling, it makes a great snack. Some tuna‑stuffed cucumbers or apple slices dipped in raw almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon yam, that’s my favorite treat. It literally tastes like raw apple pie. You’ll get the sweetness from the apple, and the protein and the fat from the almond butter will slow down the rate of absorption of sugar into that bloodstream, so you get a healthy treat.

Moving on to secret number two. Contributing a dish at any holiday event you’re invited to is really the best way to ensure a healthy alternative will be available. Tell the host how much you love to cook, and give a heads‑up as to what you’ll bring in for making your dishpan nicely with the other foods being offered.

Secret number three, to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your body typically doesn’t send the message that you’re thirsty, until you’re on the verge of dehydration.

Dehydration often macerates this hunger. You may sometimes think that your body is asking for sugar when in fact, it’s dehydrated and really craving water. Try this simple delicious craving foster lemonade. Eight ounces of water, add the juice of half a lemon, half an organic lemon, and five drops of stevia.

You can also try a warm cup of green tea, sweetened with stevia with your meals. You’ll find that this often does the trick, and you won’t crave that post‑meal holiday desert.

Also, if you’re going to indulge in holiday cocktails wine, aim to drink at least two glasses of water for each glass of alcohol. You won’t feel as dehydrated, and you’ll drink less as you feel out of water.

Of course ideally, you want to avoid drinking too much alcohol at holiday parties. It’s not just about liquid calories, but it’s about control. If you drink a lot, you won’t have as much control over what you eat. If you feel out of place without a drink, just try soothing, sparkling water or unsweetened cranberry juice, so you have something to carry around in your hand like everyone else.

Moving on to secret number four, sweet veggies to the rescue. Ditch the greasy spuds at holiday parties, and go to the sweet potatoes instead. Sweet potatoes are every man’s mind this season. Cravings for sweets can be greatly reduced by adding sweet veggies to the sweet potatoes, yams, horsnips, beats, squash, turnips and onions to your daily diet. Sweet potatoes elevate blood sugar gently, rather than with the juleps delivered by simple refined carbs.

There’s no energy crash after you eat them. They’re also much higher in nutrients than white potatoes and especially rich in vitamin A, so you’ll get your glow on for the holidays, and banish that belly‑blow that comes from eating sodium‑laden potato chips.

You can also roast some slices or chunks of sweet potatoes, rubbed with a little extra virgin coconut oil, pink Himalayan crystal salt and cinnamon for a yummy, sweet treat courtesy of Mother Nature. Any refined sugar that again won’t give you that sharp, spike and crash in your blood sugar levels.

Secret number five is to carry stevia to go. The old natural plant, sweetener stevia has zero calories. It does not raise blood sugar levels. We call it a hypoglycemade, meaning that it will keep your blood sugar at a perfect level. It’s 300 times sweeter than sugar.

If you have sugar cravings and want to satisfy your sweet tooth safely, make stevia your BFF. It comes in luscious flavors like French vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, English toffee. You just need a drop or skew to sweeten your tea or coffee. You can carry it in your purse to sweeten your beverages, and you’ll find you’ll be less inclined to indulge in those sugar‑plum cookies.

Stevia is safe for diabetics or anyone watching their blood sugar levels, especially if you have candidiasis or candida overgrowth. It’s also a powerful antibiotic, anti‑oxidant. In fact, it’s five times stronger than green tea, a great detoxifier and immune enhancer.

Secret number six. You snooze, you lose weight that is. Those who complete to wrap gifts or make seven‑layer cookie that no one should be eating, researchers have found that sleep cycles are closely tied to hormones that affect appetite, energy and metabolism.

In particular, people who are sleep deprived tend to have lower levels of the satiety hormone called leptin. That tells your brain you’re full in higher levels of the hunger hormone Ghrelin that increases appetite.

Make like my Chihuahua shown here who crawls out that every opportunity he gets. Get you seven to eight hours of restored sleep each night, to keep those holiday pounds at bay.

Secret number seven, is to move your body to be stretched. Let’s face it. The holidays are synonymous with stress. One simple comment from a family member about your gift, your slinky black dress, or the dirty stocking you sleighed over for hours, and your stress levels go through the roots. When you are stressed, the excess Cortisol which is the main stress hormone is designed to help you run away from a truck.

Like back in the day, it’s a brilliant safety mechanism to keep you alive, so that you can either run from the predator or the tiger that is chasing you, or fighting that’s why it’s called fight or flight.

The problem is that today, our stressors aren’t the kind you can run from. We don’t really get chased by tigers, but we do have day to day stressor such as rush‑hour traffic, work deadlines, financial issues and so forth, that are really spiking up our Cortisol levels.

You can move your body with 20 minutes of walking, running up and down the stairs, gyrating your hips to hypnotic tunes in a zumba class, or doing yoga or meditation. The key is to get any type of movement in belly. You’ll be amazed at how effectively the spout the urge to reach for a cocktail or double chocolate chip cookie.

Typically, our culture is very sedentary, and we sit all day at work on our computer, and then justify that we go and pump some waste to the gym, or hit the treadmill for that one hour.

Research has found that the one hour at the gym actually, that constant cardio will spike your Cortisol levels either more. You really want to aim for movement throughout the day. That’s why a lot of people now have standing work stations where you can stand and work, or just get up and take a walk outside. When you’re having lunch, aim to have few minutes of movement sprinkled throughout the day, versus sitting all day being sedentary, and then having that one hour at the gym.

Secret number eight is, to get your daily dose of vitamins T, P and L. The season is full of holiday shopping, parties and obligations. Somehow, we spent our times stressed out doing things we don’t really want to do, yet feel we should. The truth is life on earth is a great gift. Prioritize those things that make your heart sing, and de‑prioritize those that are not imperative.

If we must accomplish many things each day, we could still change the quality with which we do train. How can you transmute that strength to the train into something delicious, instead of the usual gripping and tightening experience? Where can you find ease in the midst of stress?

Our workforce culture has programmed us to believe that vitamins T, P and L which stand for Time, Pleasure and Love. Our luxuries we can’t afford. They’re actually required by our biology.

All creatures on earth, from a lizard to a lion to a human, are programmed at the most primitive level of the nervous system to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

If you’re eating, and not paying attention, the brain will drive you to seek more pleasure via overeating. What’s worse, if you’re stressed while eating, the excess cortisol, this entices you to pleasure, so you’ll eat more and seek seconds to extract the same amount of pleasure you could have derived from that first serving of pecan pie.

Strange as it may sound, we literally change our calorie burning capacity when we’re stressed, when our stress levels go through the rules. Our adrenals which are these cute, little walnut‑shaped glands sitting on top of your kidneys, and the pancreas start pumping more cortisol and insulin, two hormones that literally stick in all the body to store fat.

In fact, have you ever noticed how you’ve gone on a vacation, eating more than usual, and yet lost weight? That’s because on vacation, many of us do something that’s highly unusual for us. We relax. We move from chronic fight or flight sympathetic dominance to a parasympathetic rest or digest state. Our frame of mind changes our metabolism to such a degree that we can eat more, yet lose weight.

As we learn to smile more, even to life and breathes more deeply, the body naturally enters the physiologic relaxation response. In this state, we actually create our optimal calorie‑burning metabolism.

When you’re wolfing down the holiday cookies standing up, just an autopilot mode, there’s no pleasure and lots of guilt. Versus if you were to take the time to sit down and mindfully savor each explicit morsel, you may find that you’ll be satisfied with just that one cookie.

Pleasure is actually a nutritional requirement. It’s a potent metabolic force, and as agent of health. Pleasure is a catalyst from metabolic efficiency. It makes life worth living. Welcome pleasure to your holiday table and always. Also remember that holiday food may be richer that your usual fare, but it often contains a very special ingredient.

At Integrative Nutrition where I got my training, my Alma mater, we call that vitamin L for love. Meals prepared by a loved one for the purpose of sharing during the special time are infused with their heart‑centered and joyous energy. While vitamins do wealth to your physical body, vitamin L nourishes your spirit in an equally essential way. Pick that one dish that fills you up with vitamin L, savor it consciously, and ditch the stressful thoughts and guilt.

Secret number nine, is guiltless gift giving. At some point in your life like me, you’ve probably received a holiday gift from someone. Only to realize, you didn’t even think of getting them something. Maybe the gifts you received was something you really didn’t need or want.

When this happens, it usually leads me feeling quite uncomfortable. In fact, much of the holiday season is peppered with a discomfort. I used to call it awkward, but as I now understand it, the primary emotion is guilt. How does exploring guilt apply to the holiday shopping frenzy?

I realized upon reflection of the holidays are pretty much always gilded me into the shopping frenzy. I worry too much, and spend too much as I’m obsessed of getting the perfect gifts for my circle of friends and family. Can you relate? We can turn our guilt into a gift we don’t want to return. As we mature spiritually, we could realize that we do not need to feed this beast called guilt. Rather, feed its wisdom. Stop.

Stop being unconscious about giving people stuff to feel better about ourselves. Listen to what our hearts are saying, and then have the courage to go do that. Go beyond the guilt of gift giving, and make the holidays of what heart’s connection, rather than object consumerism.

Sharing your unique skill and passion is more meaningful than any item you can buy at Nordstrom’s, or some retailer online. Give the gift of five free, healthy meals, massages, pet sitting, or anything else you are good at. Make it fun by creating I owe you cards redeemable by your friends at any time. Let your loved one get a taste for how thoughtful and talented you really are.

Secret number 10 is, to create a non‑food menu to nourish yourselves this holiday season. Food can fill you, but not fulfill you. We have the capacity to awaken our feel good from the inside out, instead of looking in the refrigerator or overindulging at holiday parties. What can you do to nourish your life and add sweetness from non‑food sources?

It’s easy to use too much sugar as a substitute for life. It’s not quite as sweet as you’d like it to be. In fact, Chris, let’s do our second poll question at this point.

Enrique:  Our next question is, thank you Chris, by the way. Are you aware that you use sugar as a reward mechanism for a hard day’s work? We’re going to give a couple of seconds for our audience to respond.

Chris, I think we can close the poll. It’s interesting. The results are basically 50/50 Rupina.

Rupina:  Interesting. You have a very aware audience here. Kudos to them, for being aware not to use sugar as a substitute for a sweeter life, the other 50 percent.

For those that are using sugar, if you want to let go of some of that metabolic fatigue caused by too much sugar in the diet, then aim to make your life more sugary. Notice the sweetness that’s already there. Notice the love, the people, the smiles, and the goodness. Add a little more honey to everything that you give to the world. As Gandhi said, “Be the change that you want. Be the sweetness that you want.”

Also remember to differentiate between physical hunger versus emotional hunger. Be aware of our culture’s obsession with sugar reward and holidays. Around the holidays, the word treat is something that you feel guilty about. Redefine what the word treat means to you. Gorging on sugary pies and cakes really make you feel good? It may temporarily, but again, once your blood sugar crashes, you’ll feel cranky and out of control. Ask yourself, “Will this really make me feel good? What am I truly hungry for?”

Approach a treat as something that makes you feel wonderful, and is nourishing to your body. Make it a conscious choice versus a willpower fight. Just experiment with whatever helps you connect with your body.

Make a menu of these non‑food ways that you can add sweetness and joy to your life. Paste this, or clip this to your refrigerator. That menu may include making a sexy playlist and dancing like no one is watching. Perhaps get a massage, or give yourself a much needed hand massage after all that gift wrapping.

Soak in an aromatherapy bath filled with rose petals, or go for a scenic walk along the trail. Send your partner an I love you text. The choices are endless and unique to whatever turns you on inside out.

Earlier in the webinar, I promised you a powerful mindset shift that I would read you at the end. I hope you have been taking notes. Did you know that the number one root cause of emotional eating is holding on to past grievances?

Studies show that un‑forgiveness leads to stress, weight gain, and insatiable cravings. Forgiveness is not something that we do for others, we do it for ourselves to get well and to move on. You can release your past hurts, anger, and resentment without condoning what happened.

This act of letting go will allow you to permanently end your habitual pattern of emotional eating and binging. Try it. It’s an absolute game changer, and many of my clients have reached massive improvements in their well‑being just by following this.

I hope this information has inspired you to take baby steps to rewire your relationships with the holidays, so you can truly stress less, weigh less, and live more. Information does not lead to transformation. Knowing something intellectually and actually integrating that into day to day life, are two separate things. Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change. Let me repeat that.

Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same, outweighs the pain of change. Until you’re ready to discover your inner butterfly, and know that your time as a caterpillar has expired, and you’re ready to spread your wings to break through the same old patterns.

I want to make sure you have all the tools to really do this, and I want to contribute and give back to the central community for your time and attention. I’ve put together a very special offer for those of you who are serious about managing your stress, and stopping this vicious cycle of stress and weight gain.

I have opened up 10 spots in my calendar to offer a customized 60 minute weigh less, stress less, live more, breakthrough, so coaching session. Mind you, on my website, this normally retails for $297. I wanted to make it affordable and accessible for all, so I’m offering it for a limited time only for $47.

Transformation happens moment by moment, and this ladies and gentlemen, is one of those moments. During this powerful phone session, you will understand what is happening to your body and the stress, and how those elevated stress hormones are literally changing your body’s metabolism.

The stress, the hormones, the calorie burning capacity, and how you can finally reverse the cycle of stress and weight gain. You will create a crystal clear vision to address your physical, emotional, environmental, and psychological stress worth, so you can dissolve them systematically and flip the switch, so you can go from argh [pain sound] to ahh [relief sound] .

You also uncover hidden challenges and saboteur, and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in this vicious cycle of stress, cravings, and weight gain. You optimize your nutrition while adding it adaptogens, secret herbs, and essential oils that will help you with that icky tired but wired feeling, that is robbing your sleep at night.

You’ll also whittle your middle, and blast fat from that muffin top or beer belly which tends to enlarge with skyrocketing stress hormones, and you know what I’m talking about. Finally, we’ll create a blue print together that will systematically map out how you can get from where you are, to where you want to go. You will leave the session feeling renewed, inspired, and ready to achieve your goals.

I only have 10 spots available, and these are on a first come, first serve basis. Once these appointments are gone, they’re gone. I hope you will take advantage of this awesome deal and get started by emailing me at rmeer@zen‑trition.com.

Again, these are on first come, first serve basis, and once the 10 spots are gone, they’ll be gone. If you want to take this deeper, I really encourage you to snap up this deal while it lasts.

Here is what some previous program participants had to say about their experience working with me. “My emotional eating and cravings were ruining my life and I never thought I could break free from this vicious cycle, until I purchased Rupina’s program. She showed me how to balance my hormones and differentiate between physical versus emotional hunger.

Plus, her green smoothie and other recipes are so delicious, satiating, and easy to whip up, that I was able to break up my love affair with refined sugar, and never look back. I lost two dress sizes, have tons of natural energy, and fell unstoppable. This is truly the best investment I’ve made for myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Another client said, “I was walking the straight and narrow with my diet, and had even lost my desire for sweets, but my chronic stress was a secret ingredient to my stubborn weight gain. Just one month into working with Rupina, I learned some powerful techniques to dissolve the stress. As soon as I lost the stress, I lost the excess weight. My only regret is struggling solo for so many years, and not getting this informative program sooner.”

Just one more, “Rupina taught me how to deconstruct my cravings so that I could make healthier choices, and now the foods I love actually love me back. Her advice was spot on, doable, and not overwhelming. I am so grateful for my tiny, tiny waistline, consistent energy levels, and stable moods. Yeah. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with sugar addiction, food cravings. It’s a game changer and worth every penny.

Just the season of giving, so I want to throw in an additional fast acting bonus. The first five action takers that purchase my stress less, weigh less, live more consultation for $47, you can also get my Sugar Search Rival e‑book. This retails for $99, and you can get that completely free.

The first five action takers will also get the Sugar Survival e‑book, which is a do‑it‑yourself design, so you can strive and not just survive through your sugar addiction cravings. You will get that completely free.

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Enrique:  Thank you Rupina, for joining us today on behalf of Zintros over 160,000 users. I would like to thank you very much for sharing your insights Rupina. I think our users and the world will benefit a lot from your presentation. We will be sharing this video with all of our users and in YouTube, and in the following week.

Feel free to contact Rupina directly if you would like to engage with her, or if you have any follow up questions. I’m sure she can provide a lot of value to your personal and professional lives.

Rupina, thank you very much. Thank you everyone for attending. Have a great day.

Rupina:  Thank you, Enrique. It’s been an absolute honor and privilege to serve your community, and present this holiday survival guide. Go forth and seize this deal while it lasts, and everybody I hope you have a wonderful holiday.