50 Tools for Tracking and Managing Multiple Contractors and Consultants

One of the most significant changes for the business world in the 21st century has been the move to a more remote workforce, as opposed employing the traditional in-house workforce. Today, companies face the challenge of tracking and managing outside resources that are not punching a time clock or even setting foot in their headquarters. Yet, companies need to know that these outside contractors and consultants are putting in the time they report, working productively and efficiently, and remaining true to the project goals and company values.

Hundreds of companies have developed tools and software to help organizations manage their remote workforce. These tools and software packages vary nearly as much as the industry itself, but many of the top tools fit both the needs of executives and managers who need to track and manage their teams and the needs of team members for social collaboration and communication across various channels, project updates, and time tracking. We have searched the web for the 50 most useful tools for tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants, and we have listed them here, in no particular order.

1. LibrePlan


An open source web application for planning and monitoring projects, LibrePlan also gives project managers and business owners the control they need when managing multiple contractors and consultants.  All team members have access to the project plan with LibrePlan, because all it requires is a browser for access. Company leaders, however, ensure that team members only can access the information they need with LibrePlan’s role-based authorization system and user permissions.

Key Features:

  • Manage resources and make assignments
  • Collaborate with multiple team members on multiple projects
  • Track hours, measure progress, and calculate project costs

Cost: FREE

 2. project-open[ EPM]

ProjectOpen Enterprise Project Management If you are looking for an integrated solution to manage portfolios or projects with multiple contractors and consultants, ]project-open[ Enterprise Project Management (EPM) is a smart choice. ]project-open[ EPM makes it possible for enterprise leaders to keep track of project plans, project progress, manage budgets, forecast costs and risks, mark milestones, and more.

Key Features:

  • Store project information in one repository to share across the organization, with user access rights
  • Track project progress, finances, and resource consumption and compare to approved plans
  • Eliminate spreadsheets and automate executive project and portfolio reports
  • Assign project information updates to project managers

Cost: FREE

3. Cora Solutions

Cora Solutions

Cora Systems develops web-based project management software, and Cora Solutions include several options for businesses and enterprises of all sizes, in various industries. Cora Systems’ Project Vision, a SaaS portfolio and project management software tool, is one solution for businesses managing multiple projects with several contractors or consultants.

Key Features:

  • Fully web-based portfolio and project management solution
  • Integrated view of project and financial information
  • Qualitative and quantitative key performance indicators
  • Budget analysis with planned and actual costs over time
  • Risk and issue management

Cost: Contact for a quote

4. Sqwiggle


Companies often have individuals and teams working on projects from remote locations, and it can be difficult for them to remain in contact. Sqwiggle is a tool that helps company leaders, team members, and independent contractors and consultants collaborate and communicate quickly and effectively.

Key Features:

  • Instant 1-on-1 discussions or group video conference calls
  • Integrates with popular tools such as Github, Travis, Zapier, and more
  • Create unlimited team chats that include rich media previews, drag-and-drop file sharing, and @mentions
  • Securely share files, screenshots, and other images


  • FREE – unlimited 1-on-1 video chat, all day team presence, unlimited API integrations, up to 5 chat streams, 5GB file storage, full API access, great support
  • Plus: $9/user/month – unlimited group chat for up to 10 people, all day team presence, unlimited API integrations, unlimited chat streams, 15GB file storage, full API access, priority support, user/team management, administrative security controls
  • Enterprise: $25+/user/month – all Plus features, plus 20GB file storage, and dedicated support rep

5. activeCollab


activeCollab is a tool to keep everyone involved in a project, from the business owner to the independent consultants, on the same page. Teams are more productive when they have the ability to communicate easily, and activeCollab makes that possible.

Key Features:

  • Team hub keeps the team working together, regardless of their location
  • Delegate tasks, share files, and discuss topics
  • One, easy to use and understand workspace
  • Preview all projects in the Timeline view
  • Project organization with task management including due dates, category labels, priorities, and more
  • Track time and expenses, set project budgets, and generate invoices, payment reports, and payment summaries

Cost: All plans include unlimited clients, unlimited projects, SSL encryption, daily backups, and free support via email, chat or phone. Pay yearly and get two months free.

  • Small: $25/month – 5 team members, 5GB disk space
  • Medium: $49/month – 15 team members, 15 GB disk space
  • Large: $99/month – 30 team members, 30 GB disk space
  • Extra Large: $199/month – 60 team members, 60 GB disk space
  • Mega: $299/month – unlimited team members, 500 GB disk space

6. Assembla Portfolio

Assembla Portfolio

Built specifically for organizations and enterprises that need to manage more than 20 projects and multiple vendors, Assembla Portfolio brings together teams online. Assembla Portfolio makes collaborating on tasks and code with multiple contractors and consultants much more feasible.

Key Features:

  • One point of control for assets
  • Launch and restart faster
  • Quickly see status across projects and teams
  • Easily add, switch, and manage contributors

Cost: Free trial for 30 days available

  • Professional: $24-199/month, up to 100 users – up to 50 projects, 5GB-60GB storage, cloud environment, email and phone support
  • Portfolio: $10/user/month, minimum 20 users – unlimited projects, unlimited storage, cloud or private server environment, email and phone support, dedicated account manager, and custom setup and training

7. Central Desktop

Central Desktop

Central Desktop wants to make collaboration easier and more efficient than ever before. Their online-collaboration platform versions, tailored to small businesses, large businesses, or marketers and agencies take into account that different types of teams work in different ways.

Key Features:

  • Connect people, content, and customers in the cloud
  • One private, secure, centralized website
  • Access files, calendars, conversations, project plans, and more from work, home, or on the go
  • Automatically assign tasks, update databases, send email reminders, and more to work productively
  • Share and communicate with multiple contractors and consultants as easily as you do with in-house employees

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Central Desktop Professional: $99/month – for small businesses or departments, for up to 30 users
  • Central Desktop for Enterprise: Contact for a quote – for medium to large companies or departments
  • Central Desktop for Agencies + Marketers: Contact for a quote – for creative, digital, interactive, and marketing agencies

8. Confluence


Confluence provides one place for teams to share, find, and collaborate on the information that is necessary for them to get the job done. Managing multiple contractors and consultants is much simpler wit Confluence, because it eliminates email and meetings that become a hassle for remote teams.

Key Features:

  • Task due dates and reporting
  • Action items, document sign-offs, and project deliverables
  • Dedicated task view and task report transparency with roll-up task reports
  • JIRA integration

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Team Collaboration: starts at $10/month for 10 users
  • Team Collaboration + Calendars: starts at $20/month for 10 users
  • Team Collaboration +Q&A: starts at $20/month for 10 users
  • All-in: starts at $30/month for 10 users

9. Kapost


A specialized tool for marketing teams that need to strategize, execute, and deliver results, Kapost is an end-to-end content marketing platform. The Kapost platform aids marketing teams with multiple contractors and consultants to work collaboratively across departments, regions, and product lines so that every member of the team knows what needs to be done and when.

Key Features:

  • Planning and workflow tools to map content, plan multifaceted campaigns, and track everything with an automated calendar
  • Intuitive production features make collaborative content production a reality
  • Get powerful analytics and then draw the content roadmap based on results
  • Largest number of integrations in the industry

Cost: Contact for a quote

10. Producteev


Producteev is an extremely popular task management software solution because it allows organizations to invite and collaborate with as many people as necessary. That’s why, for tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants, Producteev is an easy choice.

Key Features:

  • Create team projects, assign and schedule tasks, and track progress
  • Instantly create tasks, assign them, set due dates, and push through to completion
  • Decrease the need for meetings by following up on previous meeting action items
  • Manage dispersed teams with iPhone, iPad, Android, web, Mac OS, and Outlook apps


  • FREE – everything needed for team task management with unlimited users, projects, and tasks and subtasks
  • Pro: $99/month – all of the FREE features, plus premium enterprise-grade features with Outlook integration for Windows, personalized support and response in 24 hours, and customization of network colors and logo

11. Psoda


Psoda is a set of online modules intended to help professionals manage programs, projects, requirements, testing, and product development. Organizations are free to choose a single module or mix and match to get just the right combination of Psoda modules for their business needs. Specifically, the program and project management module makes it possible for program and project managers to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants more easily.

Key Features:

  • Prioritize projects in portfolios
  • Plan and track tasks, track milestones, and register risks and issues
  • Plan budgets, manage expenses, and make use of the timesheet tools
  • Benefits Realization tool


  • Pay-as-you-go plan: $37/user/month
  • System administrator license: $112/three units – access all four modules plus custom report templates, custom workflows, and custom access control

12. Beesy


Beesy.me allows for multi-device collaboration that improves communication and interaction between all of the team members, contractors, and consultants. With Beesy, get the most from your team by planning and coordinating actions, sharing files and rich media, and receiving updates in real time.

Key Features:

  • Safe and secure synchronization across devices
  • Automatically delegate actions to team members
  • Get real time updates on actions quickly
  • Easily manage collaborative projects


  • Me Free: FREE – online platform to manage daily business
  • Me Sync: 5€/user/month – safe and secure synchronization across all devices with all of the Free plan features, plus unlimited number of actions and 1GB/month media upload
  • Me Pro: 5€/user/month – use Beesy everywhere with all of the Free plan features, plus unlimited number of actions, project and people reports, attachments on notes and projects, and mail to task premium
  • Me Team: Contact for a price – increase business efficiency with all of the Free plan features, plus smart collaborative features including automatic action delegations to team members, collaborative notes, and team project sharing

13. Kitovu


Kitovu is a do-it-all cloud-based system that teams and agencies choose for managing consultants, clients, and tasks. Packed full of options and features, Kitovu is flexible enough that it works for teams of all sizes.

Key Features:

  • Create multiple projects under clients or for in-house campaigns and assign tasks based on clients or projects
  • Project visibility that centralizes teams and helps them to collaborate on tasks
  • View who is doing the work and discussions about it without using email
  • Maintains clear records of work to improve team productivity


  • FREE – up to 5 users, unlimited guest users, clients, projects, and tasks, and 100MB file storage
  • Premium: $5/user/month – unlimited guest users, full users, clients, projects, and tasks, restrict user access, user privileges, task checklists, calendar sync, automatic upgrades, and 2GB file storage

14. Abak 360

Abak 360

The Abak software suite makes it simple for business leaders to manage multiple contractors and consultants, projects, finances, processes, and assignments. Abak also includes timesheet and billing software that includes project setup, invoicing, and advanced reporting tools, to make it a robust tool.

Key Features:

  • Configurable alerts for project completion or problems
  • See who is available for projects at any time
  • Project-based document management
  • Integration with Efficient 360 and EPM Cloud 360 for accounting and payroll

Cost: Contact for a quote

15. TrackerSuite.Net


TrackerSuite.Net is a suite of integrated web applications for web-based project management, time sheets, purchasing, resource management, and more. Because TrakcerSuite.Net is a web-based solution, organizations choose it to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants who are remote members of project teams.

Key Features:

  • Project Tracker.Net offers project portfolios, centralized project files, and document management capabilities
  • Time Tracker.Net combines automatic reminders with web timesheets so users can report time from any location to streamline and secure the time reporting process
  • Expense Tracker.Net allows remote contractors and consultants to submit expenses with international forms that support multiple currencies that are securely routed to designated approvers to review

Cost: Contact for a quote

16. Beyond Software

Beyond Software

Powerful, yet easy to use project management software, Beyond Software is geared toward small businesses and helps them in tracking and managing multiple contractors and consultants via the web. With seamless QuickBooks integration and access from anywhere, any time, Beyond Software helps organizations move forward.

Key Features:

  • Track job costs and analyze results in real time
  • Project visibility with project management tools to see all aspects of a project and proactively manage them
  • Time management makes it easy for team members to record their time down to the task level on projects


  • Track Business Expense: starting at $10/month – support and infrastructure, implementation and training, administration, document management, and upload expense receipts
  • Track Attendance and Time Off: starting at $10/month – support and infrastructure, implementation and training, administration, document management, time and attendance tracking, and billable vs. non-billable hours
  • Track Time and Cost: starting at $10/month – all Attendance and Time Off features, plus costing and tracking and expense features
  • Track Time, Cost and Billing: starting at $15/month – all Time and Cost features, plus billing rates, invoice formats, project margins by project type, realization and utilization rates, and voucher creation

17. Unanet


Unanet provides Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management software for organizations that need to manage multiple projects and people, including contractors and consultants. With Unanet’s Project Portfolio Management Solution, business leaders can reliably plan, track, and oversee opportunity and project management, resource scheduling, forecasting and budgeting, Gantt charts and projects reporting, and invoicing and revenue recognition.

Key Features:

  • Real time visual insight into project progress and performance
  • Optimize resources based on availability, skills, and budget
  • Improve accuracy, time, and costs for timesheet and expense report data captured via the web
  • Report on direct and indirect project costs and project profitability in real time

Cost: Contact for a quote

18. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

Often, business leaders and program managers are so busy with administration that they don’t have enough time to strategize and plan. With ADP Workforce Now, organization leaders have more time to enhance their business and spend less time tracking and managing their employees, contractors, and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Take control of payroll and tax compliance
  • Simple self-service time and attendance tools
  • Executive dashboard for increased visibility and meaningful actionable insights
  • ADP Mobile Solutions App

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. Klokwork Team Console

Klokwork Team Console

Track and manage multiple contractors and consultants with Klokwork Team Console. Organization executives also can efficiently manage projects and resource assignments for teams from a single location, plus get analytic views and insights across projects and resources with Klokwork’s aggregate reporting.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited number of Klok Pro users can track time against the same projects
  • Set up projects the way you need to with flexible project hierarchies
  • Analytic views and insights across resources, projects, and time entry tags
  • Own and manage your own data without a hosting service, cloud storage, or servers that need to be set up

Cost: $99.99

20. Cube Anywhere

Cube Anywhere

A large part of tracking and managing contractors and consultants is tracking time and expenses to keep on top of project costs. Cube Anywhere is a solution for businesses to do just that.

Key Features:

  • Log in with existing Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL accounts
  • Access any time, anywhere with a web browser or from an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • Integrates with online data from Google, Twitter, GitHub, Bitbucket, and others
  • Real time project costs with interactive charts at the team member, project, client, and company level
  • Create project teams and assign tasks
  • Approve or reject time and expenses
  • Tag data and report, chart, or filter based on the tags

Cost: $6.99/user/month

21. Kanban Tool

Kanban Tool

With Kanban Tool, organizations get a lean and smart way of visually managing work, teams, and projects, even those that involve multiple contractors and consultants. With a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop time tracking tool, Kanban Tool is the first Kanban Board with seamless time tracking.

Key Features:

  • Drag tasks to working columns and the timer starts itself
  • Useful, insightful time reports provide visibility to see how much time teams spend on activities
  • A perfect fit for small and large businesses

Cost: FREE trial available

  • Team: $5/user/month – unlimited boards and file attachments
  • Enterprise: $9/user/month – all Team features, plus time tracking and reporting

22. Acunote


An agile project management tool and Scrum software, Acunote works for companies of nearly any size to manage software development, IT projects, and online projects. With Acunote, teams keep track of to-do lists while business executives track the work of hundreds of employees.

Key Features:

  • Fast and easy to use, for both technical and nontechnical users
  • Shows actual progress in burn-up charts
  • Provides powerful analytics and reports for any level of the company
  • Works as a unified project management, communication, and collaboration tool
  • Integrates with existing tools like Google Apps, GitHub, JIRA, and more

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Business: $49/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $10/user/month – best for a single team, unlimited projects, sprints, and wikis, Scrum Agile management, and basic analytics
  • Corporate: $99/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $20/user/month – best for multiple teams, all Business plan features, plus IT and Product management and advanced analytics
  • Enterprise: $149/month for up to 7 users, additional users: $30/user/month – best for matrix organizations, all Corporate plan features, plus enterprise analytics and enterprise access control and support

23. 10,000ft


10,000ft is “design-driven software to better manage your business, teams, and projects.” With 10,000ft, business leaders get a bird’s-eye view of project progress and team member availability, as well as project budgets and time spent. Get the big picture of your projects and team members with 10,000ft.

Key Features:

  • Look across projects and track multiple teams at once
  • Pre-populated time sheets and custom time entry settings to make time tracking fit your needs
  • Time entry data and bill rate information sync to create real-time budget status reports
  • Update your plan on the fly and immediately see the impact on the project’s budget
  • Real-time business analytics provide high visibility

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Up to 5 members: $49/month
  • Up to 10 members: $99/month
  • Up to 20 members: $199/month
  • Up to 30 members: $299/month
  • Up to 40 members: $399/month
  • Up to 60 members: $599/month
  • Up to 100 members: $899/month
  • 100+ members: Contact for a quote

24. Hall


Hall provides real-time chat and text for business teams, to enhance collaboration and communication. Business leaders use Hall to bring teams together and manage remote workers, such as contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Chat, share files, and create groups with people inside and outside of the company
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, and the web
  • Group and private chat
  • Secure communication
  • Integrate with Dropbox, Hubot, GitHub, Box, and more


  • Teams: FREE – unlimited users, groups, and integrations
  • Departments: $4/user/month – all Free plan features, plus user management and data export
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – all Department plan features, plus advanced analytics, data retention policy, active directory sync, SSO, HIPAA compliance, and dedicated support

25. Google Tasks

Google Tasks

Google Tasks is a quick, simple way for teams and team leaders to keep track of projects and tasks. Google Tasks makes managing all team members, including contractors and consultants, possible from anywhere, any time.

Key Features:

  • Gmail – Easily convert emails into tasks and use keyboard shortcuts to save time
  • Mobile – Visit gmail.com/tasks from a mobile browser to get started
  • Calendar – Create tasks and due dates that automatically appear on the Google Calendar

Cost: FREE

26. HiTask


HiTask, an online task and project management tool suited for individuals and teams, is a solution for business leaders to synchronize tasks and projects between team members, mobile devices, and Google Calendar. Tracking and managing hundreds of employees, contractors, and consultants is simple with HiTask.

Key Features:

  • Create hierarchical subtasks, add tags, and organize projects
  • Attach files to tasks and projects and share them with teams
  • Generate time and progress reports
  • Generate reports by time, project, or single tasks and get an overview of project progress
  • Synchronize with Google Calendar and Google Tasks


  • 5 user licenses: $10/month paid monthly, $54/6 months paid every 6 months, or $96/year paid annually
  • 10 user licenses: $40/month paid monthly, $216/6 months paid every 6 months, or $384/year paid annually
  • 15 user licenses: $87/month paid monthly, $417.60/6 months paid every 6 months, or $730.80/year paid annually
  • 20 user licenses: $116/month paid monthly, $556.80/6 months paid every 6 months, or $974.40/year paid annually
  • 25 user licenses: $145/month paid monthly, $696/6 months paid every 6 months, or $1218/year paid annually
  • 50 user licenses: $290/month paid monthly, $1392/6 months paid every 6 months, or $2436/year paid annually
  • 100 user licenses: $580/month paid monthly, $2784/6 months paid every 6 months, or $4872/year paid annually

27. Nozbe


A cross-platform project and time management application, Nozbe helps teams complete tasks and projects while making it easy for executives to manage contractors, consultants, and projects at the same time. Nozbe Founder and CEO Michael Sliwinski guarantees Nozbe teams will become more productive in the first days of using Nozbe, and he includes his best productivity advice and his “10-Steps to Ultimate Productivity” course when you sign up for Nozbe.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use web interface and free app for web, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, or iPhone
  • Share projects with team members, delegate tasks with one click, and attach comments to tasks or files to projects
  • Connect tools from programs you already use – like Evernote notes, Google or Microsoft Office documents, Dropbox or Box files – or sync with Google Calendar or Evernote Reminders

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • 1-2 members: $10/month paid monthly or $8/month paid annually
  • Add additional members: $5/month paid monthly or $4/month paid annually

28. Vitalist


Based on productivity guru David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” (GTD), Vitalist is Online Getting Things Done software meant to helps teams increase productivity while collaborating and communicating. Business leaders trust Vitalist for their employees, contractors, and consultants because it is based on Allen’s acclaimed system.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate updating documents, spreadsheets, or paper to-do lists
  • Vitalists are online in GTD format, easily accessed and updated from anywhere
  • Categorize tasks into specific lists or buckets
  • Share tasks, attach files, and use SSL secure data transmission for team projects

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days available

  • FREE – unlimited actions, 5 projects, 5 contexts, 5 contacts, 5 smart searches
  • Basic: $5/month or $49/year – unlimited actions, 25 projects, 25 contexts, 25 contacts, 10 smart searches, 250MB file storage, offline access, sharing, email support
  • Premium: $10/month or $99/year – unlimited actions, unlimited projects, unlimited contexts, unlimited contacts, unlimited smart searches, 1GB file storage, SSL security, offline access, sharing, email support

29. RoboHead


Geared toward creative and marketing users for their high volume, fast turn projects, RoboHead is project management software and a project tracking tool that helps organizations manage people, dates, deadlines, and their creative deliverables. RoboHead’s real-time information lets everyone, from leaders and managers, to contractors and consultants, to clients, know the progress and people involved in each project.

Key Features:

  • Configurable dashboards with metrics, recent activity, weekly activity graphs, and reports
  • Configurable project request form
  • Project Summary with the summary tab for quick overview of dates, status, metrics, and recent activity
  • Scheduling View with a traditional Gantt chart view
  • Annotation and Approval to upload files and URLs for annotation, versioning, and approving

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. TimeDoctor


Time Doctor is time and task management software suited for individuals and organizations that are looking to be more productive and work more efficiently, even from remote locations. A collaboration tool that tracks time accurately, TimeDoctor is a good fit for organizations that need to track and manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Track total time worked by each team member and see how much time is spent on projects, clients, and tasks
  • Helps users avoid distractions by tracking their activities during work time and nudging them if it detects excessive amounts of time on YouTube, Facebook, or other personal web browsing sites
  • Silently records application and internet usage for all users during work time and generates weekly reports on time spent on email, chat, websites, and applications for managers
  • Integrates with the most popular management platforms including Basecamp, Asana, Podio, Teamwork, and others
  • Reporting Tools include poor time use report, absent and late report, web and app usage report, all tasks report, and more

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE plan with limited features
  • Solo Plan: $5/month – limited features
  • Time Doctor Plan: $9.99/user/month – unlimited projects/tasks, unlimited storage
    • For accounts with at least 2 users, 1 user is always free

31. Content Cloud

Content Cloud

Designed with content teams in mind, Content Cloud is “a complete solution for your content planning, ideation, production and distribution.” Project and team leaders easily manage teams of contractors and consultants with Content Cloud because it enables them to create content themes and pre-filled tasks and members, without needing to create manual tasks.

Key Features:

  • Editor’s dashboard to control every single story worked on by the editorial team
  • My Tasks make it simple to keep track of current and future tasks
  • Plan the content strategy visually with the Editorial Calendar
  • Use the Idearoom to brainstorm ideas with team members before converting them to assignments
  • Rich text editor is designed for collaboration
  • A single page of user insights provides real-time insights for each team member

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days

  • FREE – 2 team members/users and 1 site
  • Starter: $25/month – 5 team members/users and 1 site
  • Business: $56/month – 7 team members/users and 1 site
  • Pro: $59/month – 10 team members/users and 3 sites
  • Premium: $127/month – 15 team members/users and 5 sites
  • Enterprise: $257/month – 25 team members/users and 5 sites
  • Custom: Contact for a quote – unlimited team members/users and unlimited sites

32. notedock


Notedock gives organizations and project teams one place to keep and share notes, links, and files in an organized, virtual library. With Notedock, you can be sure all project members, including those working from remote location and as contractors and consultants, can find and access all of the information they need in order to work productively and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • A central hub for everything the team needs
  • Centralized discussions with annotations so everyone is in the loop and can share what they know
  • Customized search queries
  • Collaborate with other teams, departments, and outside contractors
  • Create limited access users who can view only specified pages
  • Access from anywhere, with a web-enabled phone or tablet


  • FREE – 10 users, Dropbox integration, advanced searching
  • Premium: $5/month/user – unlimited users, Dropbox integration and 1GB storage per user, advanced searching, advanced tag management

33. Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker

Comindware is a tool for “connecting all the dots – tasks, processes, and projects – to let teams work smarter.” With Comindware Tracker for Task Management, workflow-based task management software, organizations easily track tasks for in-house employees, contractors, and consultants.

Key Features:

  • All tasks and related documents are available in a single location
  • Highly scalable and easily configurable for individual task tracking and workflow setup
  • Visibility into daily operations, priorities, and task completion progress
  • Improved productivity with clearly defined task handovers

Cost: Contact for a quote

34. DeskAway


DeskAway, a project management platform, is perfect for organizations that want to help employees, contractors, and consultants get their projects done. As a web-based project collaboration software solution, DeskAway provides teams with a central place to organize, manage, and track work.

Key Features:

  • Group shared activities into projects and track them from anywhere
  • Get real-time updates and subscribe to project history RSS
  • Manage and track goals and deadlines for each project
  • Delegate and track tasks, share comments, upload files, and track time
  • Move cloned tasks to another project or task list
  • Monthly view of all tasks within a particular project

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE: – 1 project, 2 users, 25MG storage
  • Professional: $25/month – 25 projects, 20 users, 2GB storage, 5 templates
  • Plus: $49/month – 55 projects, unlimited users, 15GB storage, 25 templates
  • Power: $99/month – 135 projects, unlimited users, 35GB storage, 50 templates
  • Super Power: $179/month – unlimited projects, unlimited users, 100GB storage, unlimited templates

35. ProofHub


ProofHub is a web-based project management and collaboration tool. Project members can plan, organize, and deliver projects of any type, and business leaders can manage members, all with the help of ProofHub.

Key Features:

  • Reporting tool plots clear pictures of projects’ status with burn-up charts, timesheet reports, roadmap, and more
  • Create user roles with a fine-grained set of access privileges
  • Mange schedules, set priorities, and monitor the teams’ progress with Gantt charts

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • Nano: $15/month – for individuals and freelancers, 10 projects, 3GB storage, unlimited users, time tracking, and all core features
  • Standard: $49/month – for start-ups and small companies, 40 projects, 15GB storage, unlimited users, Gantt chart, plus all Nano plan and core features
  • Premium: $99/month – for mid-sized companies, 100 projects, 40GB storage, unlimited users, custom roles and domain, group chat, advanced security, plus all Standard plan and core features
  • Enterprise: $149/month – for corporates, unlimited projects, 100GB storage, unlimited users, reports, plus all Premium plan and core features

36. Hubstaff


Hubstaff, a time tracking software solution, makes it easier for business leaders and project managers to track outside consultants and contractors and remote teams. Hubstaff takes screenshots and integrates with Basecamp to simplify time tracking.

Key Features:

  • Screenshots, activity levels, timesheets, and reports
  • Get in-depth reporting as Hubstaff runs as an application on the desktop to easily track time
  • Time tracking tools for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Cost: FREE trial for 14 days and all annual plans feature 2 FREE months

  • Solo Lite: FREE – 1 user, time tracking, limited screenshot storage, keyboard and mouse activity, employee payments, 24/7 support, limited user settings
  • Solo: $5/month – 1 user, all Solo Lite plan features, plus more screenshots and per user settings
  • Team of 3: $15/month – 3 users, all Solo plan features
  • Team of 5: $25/month – 5 users, all Solo plan features
  • Team of 10: $49/month – 10 users, all Solo plan features
  • Larger Teams: starting at $99/month – up to 100 users, all Solo plan features
  • Teams of 100+: Contact for a quote

37. Slack


Slack strives “to make your working life simpler, more pleasant and more productive.” To that end, Slack is a platform for team communication that provides everything the team needs in one place, even if members are outside contractors and consultants or work from remote locations.

Key Features:

  • All team communication in one place, instantly searchable, and available from anywhere, any time
  • Create open channels for projects, groups, and topics that teams share
  • Increase visibility with built-in discoverability, complete history, and search capabilities across all channels
  • Channels include messages, files and comments, inline images and video, rich link summaries, and integration with popular services like Twitter, Dropbox, and Google Drive


  • Lite: FREE – 10,000 message searchable archive, 5 external integrations, free native apps for iOS, Android, and Mac Desktop
  • Standard: $6.67/user/month paid annually – fully searchable archive with unlimited messages, unlimited external integrations, free native apps for iOS< Android, and Mac Desktop, simple usage statistics, custom message retention policies, guest access, premium support,
  • Plus: $12.50/user/month paid annually – all Standard features, plus detailed usage statistics, reporting, and analysis, and priority support
  • Coming in 2015 – Enterprise: $49-$99/user/month paid annually – all Plus features

38. Worksnaps


Specifically designed to track the time spent by remote work, Worksnaps is devoted to small teams and businesses. Business owners and leaders will know exactly what their contractors and consultants worked on by seeing screenshots and knowing exactly how your remote teams spent their day.

Key Features:

  • Track time and verify work with screenshots
  • Review each Worksnap individually with a full-resolution screenshot of the user’s computer screen
  • Get reports on the numbers of mouse clicks, key stroke, applications, and executables used each minute
  • Easily manage teams by assigning users to different projects and controlling user access to projects
  • Assign specific roles and permission controls to define operations and determine who can see whose screenshots
  • Tailor each user’s settings to control how Worksnaps behaves when tracking time

Cost: FREE trial for 30 days

  • FREE – 1 user, 1 project
  • Starter: $20/month – 4 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Team: $40/month – 10 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Department: $70/month – 20 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
  • Business: $90/month – 30 users, unlimited projects, unlimited observers
    • For more than 30 users, add additional users at $3/month

39. inMotion


inMotionNow is “a workflow automation solution for enterprise creative teams, combining project management with creative brief management and online proofing. The highlight of inMotionNow is its integration of features with its online proofing and creative brief management tools, which improves project visibility, tracking, and information sharing for project teams that include remote workers such as contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Personalized project workspaces
  • Shared project dashboards
  • Project folders serve as virtual folders for all of the team’s work
  • Unlimited, customizable project templates
  • Task reports provide visibility into task status and milestones for team members and managers

Cost: Contact for a quote

40. WorkTech


WorkTech provides flexible time and attendance software to help organizations reduce costs and increase productivity. Geared toward the manual labor industry, WorkTech also includes tools for contractor cost tracking and labor analytics.

Key Features:

  • Time and attendance software is 100% configurable
  • Track all contractor costs in one application for contractors and managers
  • Use labor analytics to get detailed reports to manage teams more effectively

Cost: Contact for a quote

41. Patriot Software

Patriot 1099 Software

Sometimes, small businesses need practical software to make payroll, time and attendance, and 1099 paperwork simple and accurate. Patriot Software is an affordable solution, especially for small businesses that track and manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Process 1099-MISC payments anytime, any where you have online access
  • Track outside contractor and consultant pay
  • Easily pay contractors and vendors by printing on pre-printed check stock
  • Vendor Payment History, Missing 1099 Information, 1099 Summary, and 1096 Summary Reports


  • 1099 Software: $7.50/month – pay contractors and vendors, free setup and support, unlimited payments to vendors, create and print 1099 and 1096 forms, vendor and 1099 reports
  • Accounting Software: $12.50/month – track all money coming in and going out, all 1099 Software features, plus track expenses, income and money, create invoices, record payments, track unpaid invoices, and track bank deposits and withdrawals

42. Avalara


Avalara protects businesses from audit penalties and ensures IRS compliance when managing multiple outside contractors and consultants. A web-based tool, Avalara “provides Accounts Payable departments with a turnkey solution to 1099 reporting.”

Key Features:

  • Automated 1099 delivery
  • Built-in W-9 and B-Notice remediation processing
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • Automatic updates ensure the highest level of compliance
  • Bulk TIN matching

Cost: Contact for a quote

43. Sciforma


Sciforma provides “world-class” portfolio and project management software. A customizable PPM solution, Sciforma gives project managers and executives the ability to analyze investments, plan capacity, manage risks, and control expenses better, even when teams work remotely and are comprise of outside contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Define projects by planning, organizing, and managing deliverables, resources, and cost items for a successful outcome
  • Team members can view upcoming assignments, update work items, and request non-working days easiy
  • Team members input effort directly into Sciforma for up-to-date project progress
  • Demand management with classification, discussion, and review
  • Quickly identify project or task issues, assign responsibility to a resource, track resolution progress, and more

Cost: Contact for a quote

44. PowerSteering


For top-down program and portfolio management, PowerSteering is a smart solution. PowerSteering is known for bringing strategy to life, delivering optimal business results, and putting executives and project managers in control of all team members, whether they are in-house employees or outside contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based PPM software
  • Improve visibility and planning, without mandating granular task and resource tracking
  • Enterprise scalability
  • Highly configurable Visual Portals and Dashboards
  • Manage programs and strategies as discrete objects with their own attributes and workflows

Cost: Contact for a quote

45. EPMLive


A cloud-based project management and collaboration platform, EPMLive “extends work management to all areas of the business, regardless of focus.” EPMLive is suited for organizations that need to manage multiple teams with contractors and consultants and to give those teams a tool for collaborating on projects across the organization.

Key Features:

  • Social collaboration with connections to Microsoft Outlook and other business productivity applications
  • Project discussion boards included in project workspace templates
  • Create project wikis for enhanced collaboration
  • Scalability to meet one project or a whole portfolio of projects
  • Manage schedules with a variety of scheduling methods and tools to meet each project manager’s needs

Cost: Contact for a quote

46. Tenrox


Tenrox is cloud-based project management software that provides real-time visibility into your projects. Tenrox allows organizations to manage a remote workforce, even one that is globally dispersed, including enforcing work policies, ensuring regulations compliance, and assessing project health and project cost and revenue.

Key Features:

  • Project workforce management
  • Professional services automation
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Simple phased implementation
  • Graphical workflow engine
  • Built-in integrations with leading business applications and solutions

Cost: Contact for a quote

47. Genius Project


A SaaS, hosted, and Lotus Notes based project management and project portfolio management software, Genius Project is the “smarter way to manage projects.” Organizations choose Genius Project when they need enterprise project management software that is flexible and configurable enough to meet the needs of a wide array of project teams and types, including those that involve the management of multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Project planning and Gantt charts
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Project tracking
  • Cost and budget management
  • Demand and document management
  • Project invoicing
  • Social team collaboration
  • Dashboards and reporting


  • Standard: $19.95/user/month billed annually – for small project teams, 10 user packs, standard configuration, project and task management, document management and collaboration, resource management, time, billing and invoicing
  • Professional: $29.95/user/month billed annually (1 year term) – for any team size, complete suite, minimum 10 users, all Standard plan features plus free readers, tailored configuration and setup, unlimited tailored workflows, unlimited customizable fields
  • Enterprise: $39.95/user/month billed annually (1 year term) – tailored to meet your needs, minimum 50 users, all Professional plan features plus hosted on-premise option, Genius Connector for integrations, purchase option, typed license option, development and archival sandbox

48. Innotas


Innotas allows for managers to make strategic and real-time project and portfolio management decisions, plus provides a central location for project management. With visibility into projects, programs, and resources, Innotas makes it easy for organizations to manage multiple contractors and consultants.

Key Features:

  • Break down program or departmental silos for greater visibility
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for real-time data and insights
  • Proactive management and analysis with visibility into current resource capacity to measure utilization and ability to take on more work

Cost: Contact for a quote

49. Sequentra


The Sequentra Program Management Module is full of features to help organizations effectively and efficiently plan and manage global projects via web access. Sequentra provides real-time visibility into operating and capital project status and activities, so it allows organizations to easily track and manage their remote workforce.

Key Features:

  • Support consistent processes and workflow
  • Provide easy to use tools to project managers
  • Manage all documents to support your team and track your contracts
  • Tailored dashboards deliver key, live information for an entire program of activity

Cost: Contact for a quote

50. Clarizen for Project Managers

Clarizen For Project Managers

With Clarizen, organizations get a powerful project management tool with social collaboration features to build high-performance teams. Clarizen is an enterprise project management solution that helps all team members, traditional employees or outside contractors and consultants, work more efficiently and productively.

Key Features:

  • Merges the power of the cloud with social communications for real-time updates, insights, and collaboration
  • Empower 3D conversations and link conversations on your news feed to work execution, including tasks, action items, and more
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project planning
  • Document and resource management
  • Templates
  • Change requests and issues management
  • Task management
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Budget and expense management

Cost: All plan costs are based on a 36-month plan paid in full in advance

  • Professional Editon: $29.95/user/month – work execution software for small to medium businesses
  • Enterprise Edition: $44.95/user/month – customize business rules to meet enterprise requirements
  • Unlimited Edition: $54.95/user/month – unlimited customization, ideal for large enterprises

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