Inquiry Roundup- Printing Industry

Printing Digital Production Printing

We are looking to speak with sales executives at major printer OEMs who have expertise in digital production printers and laser printers. Topic areas would include growth of shipments, changes to technology, global sales outlook (Asia, Europe, and Japan), and changes in the competitive landscape.
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Consumer Package Printing and Decoration

Consumer package printing & decoration for Consumer packaged goods printing process
Project Objective:
1) To undestand the Overall Global market analysis for Consumer Package printing & decoration industry
2) To understand the how the supplier & marketer trends in this space and how matured they are in the consumer packaged printing & decoration markets, service portfolis used etc.
3) To understand the industry best practices, sourcing strategies, engagement models, pricing strategies that marketers and suppliers adopt in various geographies for consumer packaged printing & decoration service.

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Printer OEM 

Product engineers and supple chain executives at printer OEM’s that have experience purchasing component printer parts, specifically laser printing and digital production printing applications. Additionally, we are interested in talking about changed to component part procurement / manufacturing in printing.

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Inkjet Printing

We are hunting for international experts to be in charge of developing new inkjet printing machines from old ones, and new high-density inkjet dye of red carpet, in this way we are committed to optimize the process and technology:
By mixing with more than one kind of carmine dyes, chroma could be increased and the color gamut also be improved, in this way, with equal contents, color gamut could amount up to 70, and comparing with the other inks in the market, the newly created dye can express more colors and increase the definition.
Besides pigments, a well-proportioned viscosity modifier, moisturizing agent, penetrating agent, PH control agent, antiseptic and anti ultraviolet absorbent could effectively reduce the affect of dyes on the viscosity of thickeners and prevent the obstruction from the spray nozzles. And the viscosity, surface tension, rheological property and stability of inks could meet the international standard for inks.

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