Connection Between Dementia and TBI

dementiaA study published online October 27 in JAMA Neurology found that middle aged adults and older adults who sustain traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may be at increased risk for dementia. Although prior studies were unable to find a link between a single TBI and the risk for dementia, in this study TBI was significantly associated with dementia diagnosis. According to first author Raquel C. Gardner, MD, from the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California, fall prevention will prevent bodily injury and may help prevent dementia. About one-third of adults over 65 develop dementia and there is no cure.

Earlier this fall, Zintro experts responded to results of a study published by the JAMA Internal Medicine. The study found that more than half of patients with advanced dementia are given drugs of questionable benefit on a regular basis. In addition, the monthly cost of these medicines is about $272.

Zintro expert Paul Goldenberg, MSW, NHA, is an experienced health care administrator with 25 years of experience in the health care field. Goldenberg says, “Dementia is a symptom of a variety of neurological, genetic and environmental factors. One needs to develop a full care planning analysis and see what approaches work. a combination is what is needed. Maybe an ant-anxiety medication with a calm structured environment along with consistent caregivers will provide the key. There is no one magic pill. Selling the one medication approach is poor care just to help out the pharmacy sales person.”

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