Comcast Battles Netflix and Discovery Communications

l78838-comcast-eps-logo-60255-1Comcast Corp. has received criticism by companies like Netflix and Discovery Communications Inc. for its $45.2 billion bid for Time Warner Cable Inc. last February. Netlix has opposed the deal because it want Comcast to be prevented from charging for the streamer’s Web traffic. Discovery has argued that the merger would reduce the number of independent voices among programmers.

Comcast defended the proposed deal to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in a recent filing. Comcast argued that it won’t interfere with competition and will allow the new company to invest more in its networks. The FCC and Justice Department are in the process of vetting the acquisition for harms to competition or consumers.

Herbert Rossin is a past cable network president. He warns, “Allowing Comcast to take over Time Warner is a big mistake for the American cable customer. After each merger you will notice cable rates go up and service down. This would make Comcast a virtual monopoly. With NBC and their other TV interest this gives them carte blanche to charge whatever they want. It is the worst idea since the elimination of the equal time amendment. After 40 years in the industry I want to know what ever happened to Newton Minnow and the FCC?”

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