Blackberry Releases Passport for Professionals Part 2

BlackBerry_Passport 3We recently discussed the release of Blackberry’s new square-screened Passport phone with Zintro experts in the industry. The Passport is the first major device introduced globally by the company since John Chen was named Chief Executive Officer last November. The smartphone, which is geared to professionals, is one example of how Blackberry is concentrating on providing higher-margin services for corporations. We received additional responses from Zintro experts about the release.

Quinton Crenshaw is a Senior Partner at Purity Technology, LLC, where he works with large enterprises to solve business problems through the use of technology. According to Quinton , “Blackberry’s announcement that they are back in the game is great for workers in the financial and defense segments. They have been tied to antiquated devices for the sake of being on the ‘most secure mobile platform’ for several years now while Blackberry was in this slump. This announcement signals that at least at some point in the future, these workers will have some device options that remotely compare to the devices their cool friends are carrying.

“The announcement is also good for the EMM industry. If Blackberry is able to become relevant again, the EMM’s will have to improve their performance and capabilities when it comes to security where Blackberry has always dominated. If Blackberry can deliver an end user experience with some competing features and applications in BlackberryWorld that create stickiness to their platform, then there is a chance that they could gain back some marketshare.”

Jeff Griffin, a pioneer in the creation of mobile device applications, has over 15 years of experience in the industry. One of his many accomplishments was creating a patent pending system to establish cell phone quiet zones. He does not see the Passport making a significant difference for Blackberry.

“Unfortunately for Blackberry, a ‘Back to the Future’ approach will not help them solve their core strategic issues,” Jeff explains. “Blackberry built their success on Enterprise email and access, focusing on key enablers and innovating along a direct path to helping businesses drive efficiency. By delivering email in a timely and secure manner, Blackberry could drive device sales and also drive adoption of their Enterprise server.

“Now, there are many solutions that provide that same function. These solutions work across device and platform and have lowered corporate costs while providing equivalent service. While the Blackberry keyboard is a great tool, it is not enough to drive an entire ecosystem and to entice users to their platform. It may be the greatest device ever – but they will not be able to build momentum in the market.”

Chris McKinney handles management of aspects of mobile services for underserved SME sized companies. He agrees with Jeff. “While it seems to have a number of people talking about it — and Blackberry’s ecosystem is by far the best Business system in the world — I can’t see the Passport giving them one iota of traction on their way to a comeback. Stick with Mobile Device Security and cross-platform enablement and innovate in the size/look/feel of the consumer devices available right now….or not at all.”

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