Success Story: Sokol Bojaj

Corporate SolvencySokol Bojaj is a senior executive with over 20 years of Financial and Operational experience in both distressed and high growth companies. His experience includes working capital initiative, corporate solvency, budget and operating initiatives, debtor business plans and creditor impairment. In addition Sokol has extensive knowledge of the valuation of public and private enterprises for mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, divestitures, and liquidation and determining damage estimates associated with litigation. He shares his experience working with clients on the Zintro platform:

With my extensive background in Legal/Litigation research, unique industry contacts, and proprietary database models, I was able to assist a client in a very specifically-focused research need/topic that they had been struggling with for quite some time. I worked closely with their research personnel in gaining an in-depth understanding, at a very granular level, of their research topic, the intended audience, and how the research was to be used.

Based on all this, I was able to not only to provide the requested information but introduce derivative data/statistics that the client was unaware of. The client remarked that they received much greater value than they ever expected from the engagement, and would not hesitate to utilize my experience (and Zintro) for their future research needs.

With Zintro’s resources, I was able to penetrate a far deeper market of clients than through my own marketing capabilities. As a direct result, my consulting practice has greatly expanded, and now includes clients from as far as India. The Zintro portal is robust, intuitive, and easy to navigate and utilize. It provides all of the functionality that is necessary to identify, engage with, and provide the deliverable for the client.

The Zintro staff is always available to assist participants in every aspect of the Zintro experience. Please let me know if you’d like me to add more. Thank you again for all your assistance. I sincerely look forward to working with Zintro, and its clients, in the future.

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