Climate Change and Global Warming Part 1

climate-change_300A leaked draft of a United Nations report  obtained by claims humans risk causing irreversible and widespread damage to the planet unless something is done quickly to limit fossil fuel emissions. According to the document, global warming is affecting “all continents and across the oceans” and if there is further pollution it will increase the likelihood of “severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems.”

“Without additional mitigation, and even with adaptation, warming by the end of the 21st century will lead to high to very high risk of severe, widespread, and irreversible impacts globally,” the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said. This is a two-part look at how Zintro experts respond to this issue.

Jürg Gassmann has worked since 1986 on contracts for the development, financing and construction of power generation projects in a variety of technologies in Asia, Europe and the Americas. He says, “Climate change is a reality. Much discussion is focused on large-scale weather events, but changes in everyday weather patterns are both real and pernicious: Rainfall concentration – even if averages are barely changed – is leading to more localised flooding and landslides; warmer winters are failing to kill off insect pests; unseasonable temperatures are impacting the yield and even viability of crops; ski resorts in lower altitudes are no longer viable.

“Climate change does not mean slightly higher temperatures without overall change in weather patterns. It means dramatically more erratic weather. Our infrastructure was built to deal with the weather of the last 500 years; upgrading it to ever more unseasonable weather will cost billions. Our agriculture is also adapted to our historical climate; whether it can adapt, is an open question.”

Zintro expert Les Blevins also shares his thoughts:

I’m the developer of the global repowering and climate protection technology I call the Advanced Alternative Energy (AAEC) Sequential Grates ™ global repowering technology.  I’ve invented and developed it to enable humanity to begin fixing the word’s ills by powering advanced 21st century societies by the extraction of greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere, instead of powering societies on emissions of greenhouse gasses into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This has been a long term project, and one that is still in the pre-commercial stage, due in large part to the wide spread and mistaken perception among people that powering societies by extraction of greenhouse gasses from the Earth’s atmosphere isn’t really feasible, and that it is inevitable that we humans keep on emitting more greenhouse gasses each year for the foreseeable future just as we have over the past one hundred years. That perception is wrong, and therefore there is the chance that we can reduce and then eliminate human generated greenhouse emissions.

Also I founded Global 21st Century Society, an umbrella organization. Its first undertaking is to grow “PLANET DOCTORS” around the world who will help get information to the people about what is possible and then empower the people (mostly young and/or professional people) to take their case to the officials who make public policy and law.

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