Do you want to show relevant Inquires and Experts directly on your website? – September 2014 Zintro Newsletter

Displaying Zintro Projects, Phone Consults and Jobs has never been easier. Engage your site visitors with the Inquiry and Expert iframe for external websites.

Give your visitors direct access to our community of over 100,000 highly specialized Expertise Providers and over 2,000 live Inquiries. Defining a main area of Expertise lets you display results relevant to your content. Our responsive design makes it really easy to integrate the iframe with any website, adapting automatically to the size you define.

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Success Stories
When a Zintro client had difficulty with a product using a manufacturing process with which engineer Tom Kirkland has extensive experience, he was able to confirm that the process they had chosen was the best option. The company was pleased with the results.

Tim Brophy, an Underground Mining Tire & Wheel Specialist, traveled to Turkey to work with the managers of an underground copper mine. He evaluated their current tire program, and inspected the operating conditions around the mine. 
From the Blog

Every day an interesting and newsworthy article contributed to by Zintro Experts is posted on our blog. We call it “Business News Written by Industry Experts.” Here are a few posts from the past several weeks.

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