Hackers Target Sony Entertainment

PLAYSTationService for the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment was interrupted yesterday, according to a Twitter post from the official Sony PlayStation Twitter account. Hackers overwhelmed the system with such a large amount of computer-generated traffic that it was rendered unavailable for users. Sony reported that no personal information was stolen as part of the breach. In 2011, Sony upgraded network security after hackers comprised the personal data of 77 million user accounts.

Last week, Zintro experts gave their opinions about a recent New York Times report that found one billion username and passwords were stolen by a Russian cyber-crime gang. Taiye Lambo, founder and CTO of CloudAssurance.com also responded to our question about the issue of hacking online.

“I believe the 1 billion number may be slightly exaggerated. However it does not diminish the well-known fact that Cybersecurity threats have been on the rise in the past couple of years—and will probably get worse with the growing adoption of BYOD, Big Data and cloud computing—by enterprise customers and consumers alike.”

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