Best Tools for Screening and Hiring Freelance Consultants

When it comes to screening and hiring freelance consultants, you could be inundated with submissions and emails and reference contacts. By the very nature of the freelance business, your applicants and candidates will vary greatly in experience and background and credentials. Some candidates may seem great on paper but not so great in a face-to-face interview.

Stop the nightmare of paperwork and spreadsheets and filled-to-the-brim inboxes just to find candidates who are not a good fit for your business or organization. Instead, streamline the hiring process with tools made for screening and hiring candidates (who seem as through they were made for your organization) more efficiently and easily. In our quest to find the best tools for screening and hiring freelance consultants, we considered the tool’s ease of use and installation, price point, level of required technical support, intuitive design, usefulness of features and processes for matching candidates with companies. Our top picks are listed here in no particular order.

1. Skype


Skype is probably one of the most well-known video-chatting tools around, but most people think of Skype as a way to have casual conversations with family members. Skype has a ton of business value, too, especially when it comes to hiring and screening candidates. With Skype, you can conduct video interviews (without paying a fee to use a video-conferencing tool), share files, and even even hold group conferences. After making a hiring decision, Skype is valuable for periodic meetings and check-ins.

Key Features: 

  • Low calling rates to more than 170 countries/regions
  • Video conferencing
  • File sharing
  • Standard phone calls to other Skype users, mobile or landlines
  • Free instant messaging
  • Group video conferencing
  • Sync a single account across all devices


  • FREE Skype-to-Skype calls and conferences
  • Pre-paid option using Skype credit for Skype-to-mobile or Skype-to-landline calling
  • Subscriptions:
    • Unlimited U.S. and Canada: $2.99/month
    • Unlimited North America: $7.99/month
    • Unlimited World: $13.99/month

2. Zintro


Why scour dozens of job boards with lackluster candidates when you can have top-tier subject-matter experts right at your fingertips? Zintro specializes in matching top-tier talent to companies requiring high-level subject-matter expertise on everything from water treatment to high velocity trading. Post inquiries, browse experts, and connect with candidates through Zintro’s easy-to-use platform.

Key Features: 

  • Post inquiries describing project needs or questions
  • Browse hundreds of subject-matter experts
  • Contact experts through direct messages
  • Receive direct responses to your inquiries


  • Zintro is free for both Clients and Experts
  • Premium plans offer full features:
    • Unlimited responses
    • Highlighted profile and inquiries
    • Contact any Expert directly
    • Expedited customer support
  • Connection fee: 15% of fees paid to Experts (minimum of $99.95 waived if Client or Expert is Premium)

3. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts

A Skype-like tool with some additional capabilities, Google+ Hangouts are a valuable tool for screening freelance consultants. Not only is there a screen-sharing option, so candidates can show you previous work and results during an interview, but you can hold a private Hangout and record it on YouTube via YouTube Live. That means you can share recordings from several candidates with team members to gain insights on hiring from valued partners.

Key Features: 

  • Live video calls with up to 10 participants
  • Group conversations
  • Instant messaging
  • File and photo sharing
  • Screen-sharing
  • Record interviews for team collaboration

Cost: FREE

4. RecruiterBox


RecruiterBox is a software application to streamline the process of screening and filtering candidates. RecruiterBox allows you to create a custom set of steps candidates follow throughout the application and screening process, so it’s easy to see precisely which steps each candidate has completed. If you’re collaborating with other hiring managers, RecruiterBox is an excellent place for sharing evaluations and feedback from interviews and other communications.

Key Features: 

  • Create jobs and broadcast to job search sites
  • Customized applicant questionnaires
  • Create step-by-step application processes
  • Track candidates as they move through the process
  • Assign responsibilities to team members
  • Central portal for all candidate information
  • Share evaluations and communicate with team members


  • FREE: 1 opening, up to 200 candidates
  • Startup: $50/month – Up to 3 openings, unlimited candidates
  • Small Company: $140/month – Up to 8 openings, unlimited candidates
  • Growing Company: $290/month – Up to 15 openings, unlimited candidates
  • Large  Company: $490/month – Up to 25 openings, unlimited candidates

5. HireVue


Streamline and refine your freelance consultant recruiting process with HireVue, a comprehensive platform for sourcing, viewing, rating  and sharing digital interviews. With HireVue, you can quickly identify the top-performing candidates and interviewers for a more focused hiring approach. Through digital interviews and skills validation assessments, candidates don’t just tell you about their expertise, but demonstrate it, giving you key insights into their personalities and capabilities to drive hiring decisions.

Key Features: 

  • Digital interviews
  • Skills validation assessments
  • Source, view, rate and share digital interviews
  • Candidate and interviewer recommendation engine
  • Sources nearly 15,000 interaction, behavioral, and performance attributes
  • Database of more than 3 million interview responses
  • Compare potential freelance consultants with top-performers within your organization
  • Integrates with Outlook/Exchange, Gmail, and other calendars
  • Social media integration
  • Scheduling tools

Cost: Contact for a quote

6. FLOCK TeamSourcing  

FLOCK TeamSourcing

FLOCK TeamSourcing assessments evaluate your team’s knowledge base and identify gaps in knowledge. By assessing both your existing team and freelance consultant candidates, you can pinpoint knowledge gaps within your existing team and identify candidates with the right skills and expertise to fill those gaps. Hiring becomes an informed process rather than a shot in the dark with FLOCK TeamSourcing.

Key Features: 

  • Choose assessment questions from a database of thousands
  • Have internal subject matter experts craft questions for validity
  • Identify high performers and training opportunities
  • Inform the hiring process and fill knowledge gaps
  • Rich scorecards identify areas of expertise and areas for improvement
  • Quantify any skill in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds or less
  • Test-takers may rate and comment on each question

Cost: Contact for a quote

7. Greenhouse


Greenhouse turns the interviewing and screening process from a state of disarray to a highly-sequenced, organized series of consistent events. With Greenhouse, you can create customized interview pipelines for each position, opportunity or area of expertise to ensure every candidate is screened using the same techniques and process, and clear interview agendas mean interviews stay on-track and focused. Greenhouse provides a central dashboard for tracking candidates from social media, referrals, in-person events, job boards, prospecting and external agencies all in one place.

Key Features: 

  • Integrated dashboard pulls in multiple candidate sources
  • To-do lists and reminders
  • Weekly progress emails
  • A/B testing for evaluating job ads and descriptions
  • Candidate pipeline automatically creates tasks
  • Application review tools
  • Reports for every candidate source

Cost: Contact for a quote



You’re busy, and so are freelance consultants, so it’s no surprise that finding a mutually convenient time for an interview can be challenging. RIVS solves that problem with recorded interview questions and responses that both the interviewer and candidate can complete at their convenience. If scheduling isn’t an issue, live interviews via phone or video can be recorded for later review. The best candidates can be shared with partners or team members for input, resulting in better hiring decisions.

Key Features:

  • Prepare written or verbal interview questions
  • Reduce time by completing repetitive tasks only once
  • Candidates record interview responses via phone or webcam
  • Eliminates scheduling hassles
  • Schedule and record live interviews
  • Calendar and text message reminders
  • Share the best candidates with team members for input

Cost: Contact for a quote

9. LinkedIn


Checking out candidates’ social media profiles is becoming a standard part of the screening process for both employees and freelance consultants. While it doesn’t negate the need to evaluate less-professionally-oriented social networks like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn can reveal many valuable insights into a candidate’s work history, relationships with co-workers and accomplishments.

Key Features: 

  • Search by name, job position or company
  • Read recommendations from previous clients and co-workers
  • Get details on candidates’ job history and accomplishments
  • View portfolios and samples

Cost: FREE

10. Interview Rocket

Interview Rocket

A tool for pre-screening job candidates and freelance consultants, Interview Rocket uses captured video responses to make it easier to schedule interviews across time zones and work around scheduling conflicts. Simulating a face-to-face interview process, it’s simple for companies to assess freelance consultants from across the country, or even the globe, without significant investments in travel costs and lodging.

Key Features: 

  • Input candidate details, configure questions and send invitations
  • Evaluate and share video responses with colleagues
  • Candidates record video responses at a time convenient to them
  • Eliminate high travel and lodging expenses for candidate screening

Cost: Contact for a quote

11. Screenie


Screenie enables companies to create customized, branded screening processes for evaluating job candidates and freelance consultants. With customized interview questions that candidates can answer using a mobile device or on the web, the process is both thorough and convenient. Employers can also review and rate responses using either mobile or web.

Key Features: 

  • Branded, customizable interview portals
  • Shareable interview and candidate profiles
  • Use via web or mobile
  • Multi-browser compatible: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Custom interview introductions to communicate company message
  • Choose questions from question bank or create custom questions
  • Save a series of questions for specific positions
  • Analytics dashboard with applicant, screening and hiring data


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Contact for a quote

12. HiringThing


HiringThing lets you distribute a single job post to multiple job boards, both paid and free, and social media networks. Additionally, you can track and manage candidates throughout the screening process, document notes from interviews and other information sources, and share candidate information with other team members. Additionally, HiringThing automates the process of sending rejection letters and other communications.

Key Features: 

  • Integrated with social media
  • Push advertisements to multiple job boards
  • Track notes and applicant status
  • Integrated screening questions
  • Rank consultants based on suitability
  • Share resumes and candidate info with team members


  • 14-day free trial
  • Basic: $39/month – Up to 2 open jobs, unlimited users and applicants
  • Standard: $79/month – Up to 5 open jobs, form builder
  • Pro: $129/month – Up to 10 open jobs, resume import
  • Enterprise: $199/month – Unlimited open jobs, advanced customization

13. ApplicantStack


A comprehensive applicant-tracking software application, ApplicantStack is fully-hosted and web-based, so you can access important information related to your hiring process and current freelance consultant applicants at any time, from any device. ApplicantStack enables you to post and distribute job ads to free job and major job boards, as well as social media to expand your reach. You can import resumes from other sources like Zintro, collect feedback via questionnaires, send anonymous and automated responses, and much more.

Key Features: 

  • Templates, triggers and automated responses
  • Anonymous email handles for automatic filtering
  • Import or bulk upload resumes and CVs from other sources
  • Pipeline Dashboard with complete audit trails
  • Standard reports: Pipeline, Activity, EEOC, and Applicant Summary
  • Custom and ad-hoc reports
  • EEOC/OFCCP data collection
  • Compliance reports
  • Mass and individual mailing capabilities
  • Built-in, customizable best practices recruitment workflow


  • $65/month: 1 recruiter, 5 hiring managers, 4,000 candidates
  • $130/month: 2 recruiters, 10 hiring managers, 8,000 candidates
  • $195/month: 3 recruiters, 15 hiring managers, unlimited candidates
  • $260/month: 4 recruiters, 20 hiring managers, unlimited candidates
  • $325/month: 5 recruiters, 25 hiring managers, unlimited candidates


Screen potential consultants when it’s most convenient for you with’s video interviewing tool. It’s a simple-to-use platform: Simply record your preferred interview questions, send invitations to the consultants you’d like to interview, and then screen interview responses as they come in.

Key Features: 

  • Multi-language support
  • Video and text questions
  • Store questions as “favorites” for repeat use
  • Email notifications when responses are received
  • Comment on and rate candidate videos
  • Invite colleagues to view candidate responses
  • Invite-only or public interview options


  • Free Trial: Maximum 5 candidates
  • Single Hire: $400 – Valid for 60 days, up to 40 candidates
  • Single User: $295/month – Unlimited candidates, minimum one-year contract
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote

15. jobFig


jobFig uses the Five Factor Model of Personality to help you find freelance consultants that are a perfect match for your company not merely based on expertise, but personality and cultural fit. The assessment evaluates Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism, all traits which can impact how well an individual relates to another person or team.

Key Features: 

  • Each trait is evaluated on 6 facets
  • Widely accepted method of psychometric assessments
  • Scores represent how much candidates exhibit each trait
  • System gains insights with each hire to better predict future matches
  • Level of demonstration dictates most likely behaviors
  • Traits identified which may be influenced by other team members
  • Assessment takes just 7 minutes

Cost: FREE Personality Medallion

16. Workable


Workable is “beautifully simple hiring software” to facilitate better hiring decision-making. With Workable, you can manage your complete recruiting pipeline from a single dashboard, reach out to recruiters, social media networks, and job sites, and then store all candidate information in one place. Track applicants, schedule interviews and take feedback notes to discuss consultants with your team and choose the right expert for your projects.

Key Features: 

  • Store resumes, cover letters, notes and other candidate info
  • Automatic discovery of social media profiles
  • Simple application forms, including “Apply with LinkedIn” option
  • Custom form fields
  • One-click posting to job sites
  • Schedule interviews and send mass emails
  • Add and track candidates from any source
  • Keyword search and filtering


  • Starter: $19/month – 1 active job
  • Lite: $49/month – 3 active jobs
  • Standard: $99/month – 5 active jobs
  • Professional: $199/month – 10 active jobs
  • Enterprise: $399/month – Unlimited active jobs

17. Plum


Plum is an innovative tool providing a bird’s-eye view into your entire team, so you can evaluate strengths and weaknesses at a glance and identify essential skills where freelance consultants can fill knowledge gaps. You can easily evaluate any candidate against your team to predict success in any role or with any team within your organization. All of this is presented in a single dashboard so you can directly compare top candidates to determine the best possible fit.

Key Features:

  • People Statement gives you a team snapshot
  • Compare top candidates against one another
  • Determine how well a consultant will fit with your team
  • Total candidate picture in a single view
  • Real-time candidate dashboards
  • Create an interview shortlist to save time

Cost: Contact for a quote

18.  GoodJob


Referrals from existing employees are widely touted as a highly effective means of landing a job or consulting gig. GoodJob aids the other spectrum of the process, facilitating employee referral programs to help companies engage employees and attract top talent. Using GoodJob, you can track referrals and reward employees, harness your employees’ social networks to expand your reach, and easily generate leads.

Key Features: 

  • Track referral activity
  • Increase job satisfaction through employee recognition
  • Enable employees to share positive work experiences on social networks
  • Mobile app with on-the-go directory of open jobs and opportunities
  • Simple lead submission to encourage employee participation

Cost: Contact for a quote

19. iApplicants


iApplicants facilitates the entire recruiting and hiring process, complete with guidance on customizing and targeting job descriptions and inquiries seeking freelance talent in order to attract top-tier professionals. Set up customized screening questions to filter out applicants that don’t meet your minimum requirements without sorting through hundreds of resumes and eliminate interview scheduling hassles with automated video and audio interviews.

Key Features: 

  • Audio- and video-based automated interviews
  • Behavioral, cognitive and skills assessments
  • Integrated background checks
  • Share top applicants with team members via email or login
  • Track applicants throughout the hiring process
  • Dedicated account manager


  • Contact for a quote
  • Average customer spends $100 to $200 per month

20. Identifi


Identifi is a privately-held company founded in 2011 providing custom, cloud-based solutions for managing human resources processes, including hiring. Solutions range from hiring assessments to developmental plans for existing team members.

Key Features: 

  • Custom hiring solutions built to company specifications
  • Pre-employment screenings and assessments
  • Developmental plans for current employees
  • Data-driven approach to make better hiring decisions

Cost: Contact for a quote

21. GoToMeeting


GoToMeeting is now offering a free version of its popular video-conferencing platform. Conduct a video interview with up to three participants for free with GoToMeeting, without signing up for an account, agreeing to an annual contract, or downloading software. This free tool is available exclusively for Google Chrome. Of course, if you need video conferencing software for larger meetings and events, there are paid options available from GoToMeeting and its sister service, GoToWebinar.

Key Features:

  • Up to 3 participants
  • No software to download
  • Free, web-based video conference
  • No signup required
  • Start meetings instantly with the click of a button
  • Works only in Google Chrome

Cost: FREE

22. PowerMeeter


Interviewing freelance consultants and job candidates from the other side of the country is easy with PowerMeeter’s streamlined system. Simply enter the questions you want candidates to answer, send candidates an invitation containing a link to record their responses, then view, rate and comment on responses to create a candidate shortlist at your convenience.

Key Features: 

  • Branded, customizable email invitations
  • Fully branded interface
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Simple link makes it easy for candidates to record responses
  • Rate and comment on responses
  • Create candidate shortlists
  • Share responses via email to discuss with team members

Cost (prices in £): 

  • Starter: £299/month – Up to 100 interviews
  • Plus: £599/month – Up to 250 interviews
  • Pro: £1999/month – Up to 1,000 interviews
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – 1,000+ interviews

23. Reppify



A social referral engine aiming to redefine the typical candidate sourcing and lead generation process, Reppify gives employees a chance to become lead generators and talent sourcers by using their social connections to create a network of friendly leads. Reppify uses two powerful, simple-to-use pieces of software, Reppify Leads and Reppify Talent, to search against criteria of the company employee connections.

Key Features:

  • Reppify Leads allows sales teams to search for connections at target companies, geographical regions, industries or job roles
  • Reppify Talent allows recruiters to create a job requisition in Reppify’s system with customized requirements and then input their aggregated company network, past candidate databases and incoming applicants
  • Recruiters immediately receive scored, stack-ranked lists of the best candidates for each available position

Cost: Contact for  a quote

24. fitzii


Designed to help you find and hire the best people for your organization, fitzii is a predictive applicant tracking system. The fitzii team aims to take the bias out of the hiring process and level the playing field; so, the fitzii system helps organizations assess people on multiple dimensions early in the process so the result is a stronger pool of candidates in the shortlist pile.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy job posting
  • Reaches millions of candidates at competitive rates
  • Accurate, reliable and thorough assessments quickly identify the best candidates
  • Optimize and streamline recruiting with the customizable dashboard
  • Build a database of applicants to search in the future; then, access, search and report on all of your data


  • FREE 30-day trial
  • Small: $349/month – 1 user account and 3 open jobs at one time
  • Medium: $449/month – 5 user accounts and 3 open jobs at one time
  • Large: $849/month – 15 user accounts and 5 open jobs at one time
  • Enterprise: Call for a quote – 15+ user accounts and 5+ open jobs at one time

 25. Submittable



Submittable gives you back some of your valuable time by streamlining the process of finding and hiring freelance consultants and virtually eliminating the email submissions from them. By embedding a customizable submissions form into your site’s page, you receive all of your submissions in one secure place. Your team then is able to review the content and collaborate without needing any other software to open the files, and then you can rate, add notes, define advanced custom review forms and more with Submittable.

Key Features:

  • Powerful custom forms
  • Drag & drop interface
  • Efficient organization with one list for entries
  • Export at any time to secure servers and then access the data anywhere in the cloud-based system from your desktop or mobile device


  • FREE 14-day trial
  • Professional: $319/year – 8 staff accounts, 300 entries/month
  • Premier: $649/year – 20 staff accounts, 800 entries/month
  • Enterprise: $2200/year – unlimited staff accounts, 5000 entries/month
  • Contact for a custom quote

26. WorkforceGrowth


Even though it originally was designed as a performance management system for current employees, WorkforceGrowth could be used as a screening and hiring tool. As you are narrowing your candidates, use Workforce Growth’s three review options to get information from candidates and weight their responses. View the reports after the review process to get a summary of the competed review. HR managers also can make public announcements so the prospective employees know if they need to complete another survey or answer more questions in a weighted review.

Key Features:

  • 360-degree reviews for individuals or entire departments
  • Team/peer reviews available for those times when 360-degree reviews are inappropriate
  • 3 Dashboards: personal, company, and administration
  • Real-time feedback
  • Google Apps integration


  • FREE 10-day trial
  • $5/employee/month
  • Contact for a quote for 200+ people

27. HireMojo


The HireMojo team aspires to achieve a country with zero unemployment, so they see their purpose as connecting the hiring manager with the employee in a way that ensures each participant in the process is treated fairly and respectfully. As such, HireMojo is a complete hiring and recruiting platform that helps you automate your job description creation, job marketing, candidate flow management, application screening and the hiring of the candidate. And, HireMojo offers easy online recruitment and complete scheduling and management of your applications with automated email communication.

Key Features:

  • Online recruiting software provides a library of job descriptions
  • Manages every resume and lets you schedule interviews, eliminate candidates, send followup emails and make hiring decisions in one place
  • Online recruiting through job marketing and automatic sourcing
  • Applies a hiring algorithm to automatically screen and score all applicants so those who are the best fit are brought directly to your attention; unqualified applicants are removed from the process


  • FREE 10-day trial
  • Standard HireMojo: $295/60 days – 150+ Premium and Specialty Job Boards, plus major social media locations
  • Sales Mojo: $495/60 days – Standard Job Boards and social media locations, plus
  • Technology Mojo: $495/60 days – Standard Job Boards and social media locations, plus
  • Add a HireMojo Certified Hiring Consultant (pro-recruiter): $2995/60 days – all of the job marketing from your selected package, plus additional dedicated sourcing of candidates, plus the Hiring Consultant will review and phone screen the top candidates for you, provide detailed recommendations, create your job strategy and more

28. AcquireTM


An easy to use web-based applicant tracking and recruiting software solution for small and mid-size companies, AcquireTM allows HR managers to take control of the recruiting and hiring process by providing each member of the hiring team with the information they need in order to make informed hiring decisions. AcquireTM uses the latest Web2.0 technology and is designed with a mind on the unique needs and challenges that small and mid-size organizations face during the hiring process.

Key Features:

  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Manage everything from applicant tracing to job requisitions to screening and qualifying with AcquireTM
  • Three editions available to small and mid-size companies can choose the edition that best fits their budgets and needs: AcquireTM Express, AcquireTM Professional and AcquireTM Enterprise
    • AcquireTM Express – offers Applicant Tracking System essentials including branded career center, applicant tracking and job posting
    • AcquireTM Professional – takes the Express edition to the next level with the tools needed to manage job requisitions, source, recruit, track, and manage candidates during the hiring process
    • AcquireTM Enterprise – offers a complete Talent Acquisition Platform that manages every stage of the hiring process from initial job requisition and posting to applicant tracking to hire and on-boarding


  • Contact to request a free trail or for a quote

29. Take the Interview


Take the Interview

Take the Interview (TTI), an Interview Management Platform, helps organizations hire better people more quickly, especially because it allows you to “meet eye-to-eye before meeting face-to-face.”  All of TTI’s features make it an asset to organizations, but its recorded interviews are a special feature that give companies and candidates more flexibility with scheduling, thereby becoming an incredible time saver.

Key Features:

  • Better interviewing platforms allow you to screen and communicate with candidates using advanced video technology
  • Smarter scheduling tools, improved organization and streamlined platforms allow for better workflow to increase efficiency in the hiring process
  • Real-Time Notes during a real-time interview
  • Obtain actionable insight with easily-accessible data from your organization’s interview process

Cost: Contact for a quote

30. The Resumator

The Resumator

The Resumator’s mission is to bring talented people together with compelling companies. With The Resumator’s automatic job board syndication, you can source freelance consultants with one click and then narrow the field with data-driven hiring tools designed to help you get to your shortlist more quickly. Finally, use email integration and custom letter templates to quickly hire your best candidate. The Resumator makes the entire hiring process simple and efficient.

Key Features:

  • Instant job post updates to the boards you’re using – free or paid; edit once and update everywhere
  • Custom questionnaires, custom assessments, and automated scoring
  • Reusable email templates, email integration, and communication archive


  • 14-Day FREE Trial of Grow or Pro
  • Grow: starting at $99/mo – unlimited users, limited workflows, basic career website
  • Pro: starting at $199/mo – unlimited users, unlimited workflows, custom branded career website
  • Pro Plus: Contact for a quote – unlimited users, all Pro features, plus dedicated support

31. Entelo


Entelo started in 2011 to help recruiters build world-class teams by providing them with the tools necessary to being more effective and making candidate-recruiter interactions more personal. Through new and innovative tools and educational materials, Entelo guarantees to take your recruitment strategy to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Entelo offers four products: Entelo Search, Entelo Sonar, Entelo Button, and Entelo Diversity.
  • Entelo Search – Adds powerful tools to traditional recruiting methods; stack-orders candidates based on skill, relevance, expertise and potential availability; additional one-of-a-kind filters; aggregated social data
  • Entelo Sonar – Uses keywords to give you only the most relevant and qualified candidates; patent-pending algorithm locates the top passive candidates; daily email alerts
  • Entelo Button – Chrome Extension that utilizes data so you can get more candidate information from anywhere on the web; get condensed views of candidate data; take action on a candidate; one-click outreach email
  • Entelo Diversity – Proprietary algorithm results in finding candidates who meet specific gender, race or military experience requirements; gain access to candidates’ social data; source more diverse pools of candidates efficiently

Cost: Contact for a quote

32. BambooHR



BambooHR is the online Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that is simple, intuitive, and adaptable. The Bamboo team promises to make the transition from spreadsheets to their online HR software successful for you, and that it will give you more time to do the other important HR work that sometimes gets buried in the myriad of paperwork and spreadsheets, especially during hiring times.

Key Features:

  • Keep all employee data in one secure location that is accessible in seconds from anywhere with visually-appealing reports
  • Customize fields, tables and tabs
  • Create user groups
  • Integrate with other serves like applicant tracking and payroll


  • FREE 7-day trial
  • Professional Package varies by number of employees
  • To add applicant tracking, contact for a quote

33. ChequedReference

ChequedReference offers Predictive Talent SelectionTM technology to enhance business results, and its ChequedReference is an automated reference checking tool that provides thorough insight into candidate potential. ChequedReference allows you to quickly and easily gather detailed, candid feedback from freelance consultants’ former employers to practically eliminate bad hiring for your organization.

Key Features:

  • An advanced employee reference check tool that is predictive – ChequedReference automates preemployment reference checking combined with leading behavioral science developed at the State University of New York, Albany
  • Improve your recruitment brand
  • Increase candidate pipeline in terms of size and quality


  • FREE 14-Day Trial
  • Contact for a quote

34. Interview4


Interview4 is the video interviewing solution from Hire-Intelligence for both employers and employment service providers. With Interview 4, employers will save time and money by no longer needing to schedule interviews needing to be attended by the entire HR team at once. And, with Interview4, employment service providers will stand out with an interviewing solution that is branded and customized to fit their work flow.

Key Features:

  • Screen and interview candidates with recorded online video
  • Three different types of online recorded video interviews: One-Way Virtual Interviews, One-Way Virtual Showcase or Two-Way Live Interviews
  • Get more insight into candidates before the final interview so you can make more informed decisions
  • Interview4 One-Way Virtual Interviews and Virtual Showcase Interviews can be completed on a tablet or smartphone using the Interview4 mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices
  • Interview4 Two-Way Live Interviews must be completed using a PC or laptop and a webcam

Cost: Contact for a quote

35. Montage Interview

Montage Interview

As a video interviewing application that offers “live” video, Montage Interview is designed for hiring. Expand your recruiting reach for freelance consultants beyond traditional limits and virtually eliminate the requirement that candidates and interviewers be in the same location at the same time, since Montage Interview even works on mobile devices and tablets.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited participants translates to panel interviews involving everyone who needs to take part in making the decision to hire
  • Creates an interview environment that virtually simulates your physical location
  • Round-the-clock support available to service all participants, from candidates to hiring managers and recruiters

Cost: Contact for a Quote

36. Hirebridge Recruiter


Hirebridge strives to help recruiters and hiring managers eliminate paper from the hiring process and then complete the whole process more efficiently. The on-demand Applicant Tracking System is suitable for nearly all markets and industries as an easy-to-use tool that “helps organizations automate their recruiting and hiring processes.” Hirebridge does not require IT staff involvement, software to buy or hardware to install or manage; users just have to login from any web browser and then enjoy the ability to manage their jobs, candidates, reports and more.

Key Features:

  • Modular design allows for flexibility in designing an applicant tracking and hiring management system to meet the needs of your particular organization
  • Delivered as an on-demand web-based service
  • Dramatically increase recruiter productivity because they will spend their time on more traditional functions while the Hirebridge Recruiter takes care of administration


  • Free trial available
  • Contact for a quote

37. VidCruiter – VidHiring



VidCruiter powers Video recruiting and an online interviewing platform to offer a full line of recruiting products. With VidCruiter’s Applicant Hiring System, increase the quality of freelance consultants you hire while still enjoying a fast and affordable hiring process.

Key Features:

  • Automate your hiring process at a level that you are comfortable with, so you are ensuring the quality of candidates
  • Better results come from a standardized hiring process, and VidHiring gives you the capability of creating the exact same application process for every person who applies
  • Professionally branded career site and job portal
  • Information is safely stored in the cloud; the data belongs to you, so you tell VidCruiter when to stop keeping it

Cost: Contact for a quote

38. Refrek


Refrek strives to provide dynamic online solutions that will expedite and economize the recruiting process for companies and organizations of any size. Specifically, Refrek looks to offer the resources that organizations need in order to source, review and assess candidates more efficiently and at your convenience.

Key Features:

  • Customize your interview questionnaires to get the answers and reactions you need in order to make the most informed hiring decisions possible
  • Send your list of applicants using the easy-to-use web form and Refrek takes care of the easy-to-distribute interview questionnaire
  • Video interview process is captured by Refrek and stored until review by you, making the interview and review processes convenient, rather than having to be scheduled


  • Basic: FREE – 3 interviews/month, 5 candidates/interview, 1-week storage
  • Silver: $99/month with yearly billing – 5 interviews/month, unlimited candidates/interview, 3-month storage and interview sharing
  • Gold: $209/month with yearly billing – 15 interviews/month, unlimited candidates/interview, 1-year storage, interview sharing and confidential questionnaire
  • Platinum: $389/month with yearly billing – 30 interviews/month, unlimited candidates, 7-year storage, interview sharing and confidential questionnaire
  • Contact for larger plans

39. InterviewStream



In 2003, InterviewStream pioneered web-based video screening, interviewing and preparation and now is part of an expanded video apps suite that is beyond hiring and includes employee communications: RolePlayPRO for training and best practices, and ivMessage for one-way messaging. InterviewStream continues to help companies “generate great candidate experience and remarkable returns… to transform the most-demanding hiring environments and perfect the practice of video interviewing.”

Key Features:

  • Pre-recorded interviewing
  • One-way messaging
  • Role playing
  • Online video practice interviewing
  • Live, in-person video interviews

Cost: Contact for a quote

40. Zoom


Zoom is a cloud-based meeting platform that’s a cost-effective and simple solution for screening and interviewing freelance consultants. Meetings are free for up to 25 participants, meaning you can hold endless interviews and even small-group interviews for free with Zoom. With dynamic voice detection to reduce background noise and HD voice and video, you can focus on asking pertinent questions instead of hassling with technology.

Key Features: 

  • 40 minutes per meeting
  • HD video and voice
  • Dynamic voice detection reduces background noise
  • One-click start and join for mobile or desktop
  • Instant or scheduled meetings
  • Private or group chats
  • Host controls
  • Record interviews or meetings for later review


  • FREE: Up to 25 participants
  • Pro:
    • Up to 25 participants: $9.99/month and up
    • Up to 100 participants: $49.99/month and up
  • Business:
    • Up to 25 participants: $7.99/month and up
    • Up to 100 participants: $47.99/month and up


41. Jobvite Video


Jobvite Video makes video interviewing easy and hassle-free. It can be used in conjunction with Jobvite Hire, a full-service recruiting and hiring suite, for interviewing, screening, scheduling, tracking and hiring freelance consultants and employees all from a single login, or you can use the Jobvite Video service alone. This on-demand service reduces travel costs associated with hiring and screening candidates, and for those who already use Jobvite Hire, it’s a fully-integrated, value-added tool to add to your hiring arsenal.

Key Features: 

  • Set invitation-specific expirations to speed up response times
  • Integrates fully with Jobvite Hire recruiting software
  • Share responses with team members for additional feedback
  • Use early-stage video screening to shorten time-to-hire

Cost: Contact for a quote


42. LaunchPad Recruits


A simple video interviewing tool, LaunchPad Recruits gives the screening and interviewing process a more personal feel, enabling you to get deeper insights into consultants’ personalities and qualifications rather than relying on written communications and lists of skills. Candidates can record their responses on a desktop or mobile device for convenience, and it’s a completely brand-able interface so you can maintain brand consistency.

Key Features: 

  • Add employer-branded videos to interviews
  • Customizable interface: logos, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Seamless login
  • Ask recorded video questions
  • Control every element the candidate sees
  • Integrates with ATS systems
  • Two interview modes with re-recording of responses

Cost: Contact for a quote


43. Interactly


Interactly allows users to create automated virtual interactions; ask one or more video questions and invite people to respond with a webcam or through audio. Companies and organizations that are just beginning to try video interviewing could begin with Interactly because of its ease of use and its review and share feature.

Key Features:

  • Both standardized and customized highly professional video interaction platforms available
  • Three core features allow your organization to work more effectively: structured interactivity, scalability, and personality
  • Secure connection during both the recording and the playback

Cost: Contact for a quote


44. JetHR



Make interviewing freelance consultants more efficient with JetHR’s online interview service. Automate your interviewing process with JetHR by creating questions for the interview and then inviting candidates for the online interview through email. The candidates then attend the online interview and provide video-based answers to questions, which the interviewer can then review to evaluate the candidates.

Key Features:

  • Test Bank allows you to create and manage your interview questions
  • Candidate Database helps you manage candidates’ information and send email invitations to the interview
  • Online Candidate Interview displays questions one at a time and provides a live video recording of candidates’ answers
  • Interview assessment goes beyond just viewing a candidate’s answers: evaluate interviews via the scoring system and record feedback through comments and appraisals to then share with other team members
  • Multiple logins
  • 100% web browser based – no software installation or upfront costs


  • Create a JetHR account to set up a credit account with a fixed credit limit
  • As the service is used, the charges are added to the credit account
  • Payments are made when the credit limit is exhausted
  • One-time enrollment fee of $20
  • $100 credit limit for your account
  • $2 per interview, charged only when a candidate has completed the test


45. SparkHire


SparkHire offers complete and affordable online video interviewing solutions, including tools for HR departments and for staffing professionals, and you can decide which is right for your organization when screening and hiring freelance consultants. SparkHire prides itself on offering customers a valuable service while maintaining the lowest prices in the industry, giving you “the most bang for your buck.”

Key Features:

  • World-class support for both customers and their candidates
  • One-Way Interview, Open Interview and Live Interview options
  • Customize your colors, upload your logo and more to have consistent branding
  • Mobil App available so candidates can conduct their video interviews directly from their iOS or Android device
  • Broadcast your interview invitation links on social media


  • Bronze: $49/month – includes 10 user seats and 1 job for small businesses or companies seeking to sample video interviewing
  • Silver: $209/month – includes 10 user seats and 5 jobs, plus 5 custom welcome videos, adjustable time limits, analytics and more for medium-sized companies looking to begin implementing video interviews
  • Gold: $499/month – includes 10 user seats and unlimited jobs, all of the silver plan features, plus unlimited custom welcome videos for staffing firms or companies with larger recruiting efforts


46. videoBIORecruiter


Make the process of hiring your next freelance consultant a little smoother with videoBIORecruiter’s six steps: create interview questions; invite candidates to respond; wait for candidate to record interview responses; review, rate, comment and shortlist after viewing the responses; ask follow-up questions and initiate a live interview and make your hiring decision. videoBIORecruiter also offers premium candidate tools so you can see how the candidates use the tools at their disposal to present their best responses to you.

Key Features:

  • Live video and prerecorded video interviewing
  • Easy-to-use recruiter and candidate tools
  • Rating and shortlisting capabilities

Cost: Contact for a quote


47. Hiring Simplified


Get the best freelance consultant candidates and make the hiring process simple with Hiring Simplified. A video screening platform, Hiring Simplified aims to help employers find employees that are better suited to their company through a simple process to get the best candidates on your shortlist.

Key Features:

  • Standardized recruitment process
  • Increase candidate pool from the resume selection process
  • Reduce both the number of on-site interview and travel costs
  • Ensure convenient interview times for both the recruiter and candidate

Cost: *Free 60 minutes of usage on all accounts

  • All accounts offer unlimited interviews, unlimited candidate invitations, question databank, and customer support
  • Tier 1: $19.99 – 2.5 hours, limited customer support
  • Tier 2: $34.99 – 5 hours, limited customer support
  • Tier 3: $59.99 – 10 hours, unlimited customer support
  • Tier 4: $99.99 – 20 hours, unlimited customer support
  • Tier 5: $249.99 – 50 hours, unlimited customer support


48. Cloud Interview


Use Cloud Interview to connect to freelance consultants through streamlined HR technology. Cloud Interview’s simple web based on-demand interviewing platform makes your interviewing process more efficient and cost effective while getting you to better candidates that you can interview online at any time.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Interview coordinates logistics, simplifies the process, and takes the hassle out of interviewing
  • Add evaluators and collaborators into the system
  • Evaluators and collaborators review the video responses when it best fits their schedules and rate each response on a 1-10 scale with supporting comments
  • The system rank orders the candidates based on your team’s ratings

Cost: *Free trial available

  • No contracts, service fees or setup fees
  • Plans are priced by number of interview credits
  • Volume pricing means the more you purchase, the more you save
  • Plans run from $35/credit to $19/credit, depending on how many interview credits you purchase
  • Contact for special pricing needs


49. Cuzie


Cuzie has evolved traditional recruiting software to meet the needs of 21st century companies.  Cut training time with the intuitive user-experience and attract, interview and hire more easily and efficiently than ever before with built-in video.  Overall, Cuzie offers a combined full-functioning Applicant Tracking System and Digital Interviewing Platform that companies of all sizes can use.

Key Features:

  • Prerecorded video interview and live video solutions
  • Video cover letter
  • Configurable notifications
  • Applicant friendly
  • Analytics
  • Job posting and social sharing
  • EEO reporting tools and forms

Cost: Contact for a quote


50. ePoise


ePoise offers a cloud-based video interviewing and screening tool to help you interview and hire freelance consultants. Invite candidates to interview any time and from anywhere, and enjoy the freedom of having your hiring team evaluate candidates from any time and from anywhere. ePoise also includes role-based structured interviews and consistent, collaborative evaluations to make your hiring process easier for all parties involved.

Key Features:

  • Eliminate the need to schedule interviews and evaluation meetings
  • Enjoy evaluations that are up to 8 times faster than traditional methods
  • Add structure and consistency to the hiring process to decrease the chance for bias or hiring an incompatible candidate

Cost: Contact for a quote