Another Look at United Nations Environmental Assembly

512px-United_Nations_Flags_-_croppedLast month we spoke with Zintro expert Rick Rybeck about the first United Nations Environmental Assembly (UNEA) taking place in Kenya. The Associate Press described it as a weeklong event that involved “the examination of the intersection between global economic process and the environment.” The 150-delegate assembly focused on areas such as climate change, pollution, land degradation and access to water.

Joel Ulises Sevilla, PhD. is an advisor and consultant in agribusiness and economy. He recently responded the discussion. Dr. Sevilla says, “Well, even if countries in the developing world are all in to make possible a shift toward better policies concerning sustainable development, the question is about the true enrollment of industrialized nations, for instance G-7. Plus, no public initiative can be as effective as good teamwork together with a well-represented private sector.

“As one concerned economist and a very interested party on the topic of sustainability, I cannot wait to see more public facilitation and social responsibility of big corporation within local government performing along with local communities worldwide. Yet, a good deal is needed to bring together the middle class already under pressure with big governments deeper in debt. While a very small group of people controlling multinational corporations staying away from a global treat as climate change in presenting at present and near future, total menace there is. Yet, since climate change is and will be the biggest challenge for humankind, I want to help any way I can.”

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