Success Story: Tom Kirkland

Zintro_Tom-KirklandZintro expert Tom Kirkland is an engineer with extensive experience in thermoplastics joining, particularly ultrasonic, vibration, hot plate, thermal stake/insert, spin weld and laser weld. He shares his experience working as a consultant on the Zintro platform:

The client had a problem with a product using a manufacturing process with which I am very familiar. They had thought they could adjust process settings or make part design changes to achieve results that would eliminate an end use issue. They had originally requested information on how much time I could put in on the project, and my ability to travel to their manufacturing plant.

We exchanged contact information and they sent me solid models of the part design and photos of the finished assembly in preparation for the initial call. In the one-hour phone call, I asked questions about their manufacturing equipment, process, part, and materials. I was able to confirm for them that they were already getting very near optimal results from the chosen process, and no other viable process could give them better results. Then we discussed concepts that could give them the results they were looking for through secondary operations, with which I also have experience.

The client basically saved countless hours going down a series of dead-end paths for the cost of a one-hour telephone consult. The client was happy and satisfied at the end of the call, and that is the bottom line for me. Even if I can’t always deliver the news a client wants to hear, I will always suggest promising alternatives they can pursue to achieve the results they want.

I also have absolutely no interest in charging a client for a lot of consulting hours they don’t need. I am interested in developing a client who will recommend me to their peers, and who will come back in the future. All of my experience working with Zintro clients tells me that this approach is working. I also appreciate that when using Zintro, I don’t have to spend a lot of time on quoting and billing, and I think clients do as well.

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