Success Story: Nicolas Takashima

agroNicolas Takashima an agricultural engineer. He has 10 years of experience working in different areas, including marketing, CRM, commercial unit, new business, biofuel, commercial channel and agrochemicals:

For my first Zintro job, the client needed market information about an agrochemical herbicide product in Latin America: selling volumes, market shares, importers, manufacturers, commercial brands, and many other details. I wanted to do a great job, so I asked if they could send me the questionnaire in advance. Then I prepared a PowerPoint presentation and sent it to them for feedback.

We exchanged emails, and two days later we arranged a Zintro conference call during which I explained all of the information to the client. The focus was to understand the cycle of the product and how the market will be developing over the next five years. I was able to give the client detailed input, and detect which assumptions to use for the five-year plan of the product.

The client was very thankful. They connected me with other project managers in the same company that needed information about Argentina and South America—agrochemicals, crops, and other agricultural details.

Zintro is an excellent platform where you can use your know-how to help other people in different places around the world. It’s hard to believe that my experience can be useful to a company in India—but after earning my payment, I know it was. It is very simple to connect with clients and then to receive payment. This is the way that young people are going to work in the future, not only experts.

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