Success Story: Dinesh Seksaria

ZiDinesh Zntro expert Dinesh Seksaria is a consultant to vehicle manufacturers and tier suppliers. He has over 40 years of experience as a licensed mechanical engineer, which has involved  problem solving and developing load carrying components and subsystems for automotive, military and industrial vehicle markets using a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. He shares his story:

I offered to do a phone consult with a client through the auspices of Zintro, on automotive suspension components—as I have had many years of experience and expertise developing such parts and having worked with many automotive OEM’s tiers.

The client liked what he saw in my resume and accepted the proposal for one hour. He is a market researcher performing a study on such parts for an overseas client. As we talked and I offered answers and ideas to his queries, the consultation extended to additional time. I felt I was helping him and he felt he was getting a great value. I think I met his need for pertinent information and guidance and I now have a happy satisfied client.

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