Success Story: Frederic Hollister

hollisterZintro expert Frederic Hollister has over 20 years of successful experience in all aspects of income property finance, small business real estate purchases, and many types of real estate loans. He has been employed in the banking industry as a loan officer, underwriter, and compliance officer and has worked as a mortgage broker:

I can help people understand a possible property purchase or refinance and present the information in an easy-to-understand manner. I would like to share with you my recent Zintro experience. I certainly consider this a success! Almost exactly a month ago I completed my first Zintro telephone consultation. I believe the fact that I made myself available on short notice was important to the client. He told me all his questions were answered and that he was happy with our conversation. I was able to point out to him some aspects of the contemplated transaction he hadn’t considered. The earlier an expert in brought in to a deal the more value she or he can add.

Yesterday I responded to another Zintro inquiry, arranged a mutually-agreeable time, and today I completed a consultation with a new client interested in purchasing commercial real estate. The best news, however, is the client I spoke with a month ago got back in touch with me today and wanted to have another discussion about a completely different income property transaction! We spoke and I was able to point out some standard property expenses he hadn’t budgeted for.

Two Zintro-driven consultations in one day is a very good day for me! I’ve been involved with various aspects of commercial real estate for many years. The only compliment higher than a business referral is a repeat customer! The fact that the gentleman I consulted with a month ago returned for a new conversation about a different matter means the world to me. Thank you, Zintro! I am sincerely looking forward to the next consulting assignment!

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