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Our newly launched MATCHES page let’s you fine tune your areas of expertise to better define your areas of interest for Projects, Jobs and Phone Consults.

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We included a new slider that lets you decide how precise you want the matching algorithm to be.

At Zintro we are always thinking of ways to improve your experience and we know that a big part of our job is making sure that you receive all the Projects, Jobs and Phone Consultations that fit your profile. Our new MATCHES page is the first step towards letting you have your own custom matching algorithm.

Visit MATCHES and fine tune your areas of expertise.

Try to be as specific as you can. There is no limit to how many areas you can add…

Thank You for Attending the First Webinar in our ‘Chemical Industry Insights & Innovation’ series!


David A. Hurwitz’s “Evolving Coatings Industry, Emerging Technology-A look ahead…A glimpse at the past!”provided one observer’s view of the paints and coatings industry, key participants, and the drivers that continue to shape the industry and inspire continued innovation. Hurwitz is the Managing Director of the Edica-Garnett Partners LLC, a global strategy and execution consultancy.


The ‘Chemical Industry Insights & Innovation’ webinar series will continue to feature top business and technical experts in the Zintro community who cover the most important trends impacting all sectors of the Chemical Industry.


Stay tuned for details about the next session in the series- coming soon!


Success Stories

Logistics specialist Charles Intrieri assisted a client by working on a report detailing rack specifications, volumes, racking suppliers and profit margins.

In one project, insurance consultant Marc Estrella discussed various fleet sourcing options, consolidation of multiple insurance programs, and claims handling/loss control strategies for reducing costs.


From the Blog

Every day an interesting and newsworthy article contributed to by Zintro experts is posted to our blog. We call it “Business News Written by Industry Experts.” Here are some posts from the past several weeks.


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