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coatingsAluminum Extrusion

We want to establish a new plant for Aluminum Profile Extrusion with capacity of 2500 Ton/month. which will include extrusion machines , aging, anodizing , powder coating, wooding and packaging. we already have quotation for main equipment needed and we have some idea regards the layout, we have some basics of the know-how of Aluminum Profile Extrusion. we can say that we did the part which we need to decide that we need to start working in this plant We are looking for a company that will review everything for us and work with us to make this project work perfectly without any unexpected failures. we have the market and the capital, but we need support in the technical issue which will make our plant work and success. kindly, let me know what you can provide for us to make this plant run profitably.
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SuperHydroPhilic & SuperHydrophobic Coatings

Hi, Superhydrophobic field. I wanted to seek a consultation agreement with you if you are interested. I am working in agricultural business. We need to have a manufacturing plan and strategy to produce superhydrophobic sands which are environmentally friendly(specially for the plants). Can we seek this from you Doc ? If not can you please guide to the pathway or direct us to whom we can have such thing ?
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Powder Coating

I am interested to find an expert in high temperature powder coating. I am looking at service temperatures of 150 C to 400 C. I want to know what are the current solutions and what are issues with these solutions? People having application experience in aerospace, engine, turbines coating applications will be ideal but I am also interested in people having knowledge from powder coating side.
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Polymethacrylate Resin

Coating of fluorescent pigment in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps by Hydrobased Technology
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Sol Gel Coating

Hello, I am considering using a sol-gel method in order to incorporate nanocarbon powder in a t-shirt. I am wondering how much powder I would need to cover the whole t-shirt and for it to be homogenous? Would this be doable without a manufacturing company (in a lab setting)? If so, is there a step-by-step procedure you could provide me with?

Thank you,
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