Featured Expert: Dr. James Kadtke

zintro_jamesDr. James Kadtke has nearly 30 years of experience in the areas of science and technology, national security, and business. He is an expert on technology, business strategy, federal relations and policy. James has held faculty positions in academia, worked in staff and leadership positions in several non-profits and held senior positions in Federal government.  His current interests include the areas of foresight and futures for emerging technologies, their commercialization and governance, and their global effects on business, policy, economics, markets, national and homeland security, and foreign affairs.

James’ extensive experience has made him an effective consultant on the Zintro platform. Yet he also takes time to help others when the situation arises. He explains, “I noticed an inquiry asking for help identifying a think tank in D.C. on foreign policy, which I have deep experience in. The person was a young professional looking to go back to grad school in the U.S., and he had a thesis topic in mind. I spent several hours over a two week period doing some research, and finally we had a productive one hour call. I probably lost money on this, but its good to know I was able to help a young person further his education.”

James earned his Ph.D. in physics from Brown University in the areas of chaos, complexity, information science, and computational methods applied to defense problems. After a graduate fellowship at Los Alamos National Laboratory, he spent over ten years as a faculty at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in the national security division. James’ degrees also include a B.S. Mathematics, Penn State University; B.S. Physics, Penn State University; Certificate in Science Policy, Penn State University; and M.S. Physics, Brown University.

As a policy analyst at the Rand Science and Technology Policy institute, James focused on developing new methodologies to apply nonlinear science and complexity to policy analysis. He served as a staff member and policy analyst on the Science Committee in the US House of Representatives as the science advisor on the staff of Senator John Warner of Virginia, and as a designee on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

James is the coauthor of Linking Effectively: International Cooperation in Science and Technology and Assessing the Benefits and Costs of a Science Submarine. He also holds two patents.

“What I like about Zintro is the ease of use. It’s very easy to scan projects, write a proposal and set up a call, then get paid. Easier than other sites I have used.”

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