“How to Expand Your Business Network” Presented by Tina Mosetis

Zintro Webinar Series – Marketing Tips for Consultants Session 3

Marketing Tips for Consultants Webinar Series – Session 3

Presented by Tina Mosetis

Presenter’s Note:
There are many experts in various fields around the world that don’t have the money to hire a publicist like me that can help them develop their Web site, write engaging copy, develop their press kits and get them quoted on TV or in high-profile publications like the New York Times. But, the fact is, that by taking some simple steps everyone can help themselves get recognized and expand their business network and bottom-line.

About Tina Mosetis:
Tina Mosetis is an award-winning New York based marketing and public relations specialist who has enhanced the image and success of high-profile clients in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. She has over twenty years of experience in the communications field and has represented firms around the globe. She has received American Women in Radio and Television’s Pinnacle award for public relations and several Telly awards for her advertising campaigns.

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Bhairavi Mehta: Hi. Welcome to the Zintro Webinar series. My name is Bhairavi Mehta . I manage the business development for Zintro. Along with me is Zach Rhodes who also manages a business development. We would like to thank the over 500 people who have signed up for this webinar for participating in this event. This is the third installment of our webinar series covering the highly relevant topic Marketing Tips for Consultants. It is with great pleasure I introduce Tina Mosetis, CEO of Mosetis PR, a full service New York based marketing and public relations firm. Ms. Mosetis has over 20 years of experience in the communications field and has represented firms around the globe. She has enhanced the image and success of high profile clients in both the commercial and non-profit sectors. Ms. Mosetis is an award winning New York based marketing and public relations specialist and has received American Women in Radio and Television’s Pinnacle Awards for Public Relations and several Telly Awards for her advertising campaign. We are really excited to have her as a presenter for today’s webinar. And during this webinar presentation, we would like to remind our audience that we would be handling questions you may have during the presentation and at the end of the presentation. So without any further ado, Tina Mosetis.

Tina Mosetis: Thank you, Bhairavi. And I want to thank everybody for joining us today. I’m excited about discussing some very straightforward ways that everyone can help spotlight their business and expand their business network because there are very many experts in a variety of fields around the world that just don’t have the budget to hire a publicist like me. And somebody like me what kinds of things we do is help people develop their websites. We write engaging copy for speeches and newsletters. We create press kits for companies that will help them get quoted on radio, TV, newspapers and very high public profile publications like The New York Times. But there are very simple steps that we can all take to help get our businesses recognized and expand our network and our bottom line. Before we move forward with the advice, we would like to take a moment to do a poll question the audience and if Bhairavi, if you could move forward with that, that would be great.

Bhairavi Mehta: Sure. Dear audience, we are about to launch the first poll question. As a result for your first poll question, what have you done for publicity? And over 8% of our audience have replied that they have hired a publicist in the past, 35% have replied that they have never tried doing publicity. Over 50% have replied that they have tried doing some publicity on their own and 4% have worked with an intern to help with the publicity, and about 2% all of the above.

Tina Mosetis: All right. So we have quite a good mix in the audience and seeing that there are a large percentage of the audience that have tried to do it on their own, I think the tips that we give today will be very helpful for both the people who have tried before and the people who are about to try to spotlight their own business. One of the first things that I recommend which is the most simple thing you can do is to push yourself to get out and meet people who might be interested in the services that you offer. I encourage you to go to industry meetings and networking events and be sure to introduce yourself to as many people as you can. Just to give you an example, let’s say you’re in the healthcare field, be sure to go to all the health care conferences, hospital events that you can possibly attend. And there are a lot of societies in every field, for example, in the healthcare field there’s the American Academy of Dermatology or the American Psychological Association and you should be attending all these events. And wherever you go be sure to talk about your business with great enthusiasm so that people understand you love what you do and that you’re good at what you do. And I know this seems like a simple thing to mention but be sure you have your business cards with you everywhere you go. Is the sound still a problem? I’m sorry, Bhairavi. I’m getting some feedback.

Bhairavi Mehta: No, it’s fine.

Tina Mosetis: It’s okay. All right. And for the people who are unable to easily get to meetings in other cities, please be sure to meet as many people as you can in your own city. For example again, if let’s say you’re in the healthcare field, just be sure to call hospital executives and ask them for a ten minute introductory meeting to discuss the services that you’ll offer. Now I know sometimes it’s hard to make this cold calls but frankly having done this millions of times over the years, I know that if you call ten people and ask for an introductory meeting, at least a few of them will be nice enough to help you and that’s a good way to get started.

Now it may seem, again, too simple to mention but your business card is extremely important and it’s really vital that your business card states clearly what you do and the services that you offer. For example in my field, a lot of people don’t have any idea what a publicist does so if they meet me and keep my card which explains the services I offer such as media relations, then that person then one day refer me to somebody who needs my services. So I always encourage everybody to list the type of services that they offer on their business card. One very important way to make yourself known in the community is to give talks. I highly suggest that everyone develop a 20 minute well-prepared talk about your expertise. This is not a hard thing to do.

You don’t have to be an outstanding speaker to give a presentation. You simply need to put your thoughts together in a logical outline that gives people interesting information about your business. At the presentation, be sure to distribute informative handouts to the audience that includes free advice about your business and your contact information. And you can approach various organizations that are willing to have speakers for free such as community or trade organizations or even your local library. And I want to encourage you to always be thinking that everything you do should be branding your business, even the way you sign your email. Be sure to sign your e-mails with your business name, your contact number, and a tagline that briefly explains what you do. For example, on the slide you’ll see that I signed all my emails with a brief list of my skills expert media relations, strategic planning, branding, crisis management. That way every time somebody sees your email they’re reminded of the skills and services that you offer. It’s also an extremely important way to get business is to encourage your current and former clients to make referrals to you. And, when it’s appropriate, I highly suggest that you offer a referral fee. In some fields, that’s not considered ethical for example, if you’re an attorney or a physician but in many fields it’s perfectly fine to do that. And that, Bhairavi, I think we’d like to go to the second poll question.

Bhairavi Mehta: Dear audience, please go ahead and answer the second poll question, have you ever tried partnering with a business in a complementary field to help promote each other? Over 59% of our audience have replied yes and all 49% had replied no to try partnering with the business in a complementary field to help promote each other.

Tina Mosetis: Well, I’m excited to hear that a lot of people actually have tried because this is a simple way to expand your potential client base and to work with other people who can add value to your business. For example in my business in public relations, there are people that I partner with such as graphic artists and web designers. I write copy for websites to help them be more customer friendly, but I don’t actually do the technology of the websites. So I have web developers that I work with and I help refer clients to them and they help refer clients to me and that’s the same story with our graphic artist. So I encourage you to think about the kinds of people that you can work with to share your client base and to expand each other’s bottom line. Another point that I think is very important is for everybody to consider writing a simple monthly newsletter. The newsletter will help update your current and potential clients on your latest products and services. And I encourage you not to make it a very cut and dry newsletter. You want to add a lot of useful information and free advice so that your customers look to your newsletter as an interesting resource that they know they’re going to gain information from, and they’ll look forward to receiving your newsletter if you do it in a clever and kind of fun way.

Another thing that’s very important is to get involved with local charities. And very often charities hold events where they offer raffle prizes and this is not appropriate for all business but some businesses it is appropriate that you can donate your service as a raffle prize. Some people are offering products. Some people are offering services. In return for you offering a free raffle prize, the charity will often give you a free listing in their event program or they might announce you on a banner, etc. And it’s just a good way to help get the name of your business out there. I encourage you to also get involved with volunteering your time at a charity or non-profit agency and the reason I encourage this is not only is it just a good and nice thing to do but many of these prominent volunteer agencies have very high profile volunteers and board members. And these are the kinds of key people in the community that you want to meet to network and do business with. So by getting involved with high level volunteers, this positive effort of giving back to the community will help you network and make new business contacts. So I encourage you to think about what are the prominent charities and non-profit organizations where you live and think about how you might get involved. And all you have to do is call and explain the kind of services that you can offer your volunteer time with and I’m sure they’ll be anxious to get you on board and you’ll meet lots of new people and make lots of new contacts. Did somebody say something?

Zach Rhodes: Oh, yes. Just one quick question. Just going back to the slide regarding the newsletters. The question for that. I have a group saying that there was so many entities promoting themselves via newsletters, pretty much what percentage of those people are truly reading your newsletters and is it actually really an effective way of getting a larger user base.

Tina Mosetis: Yes, I do think it’s an effective way and there’s ways you can track it too. First of all, I don’t necessarily think you have to print and mail the newsletter. I think today there’s lots of vehicles for emailing newsletters and lots of companies that will help you do that. Or if you don’t have the budget for it, you can email it to your client base and encourage people to have their friends sign up for it too. I don’t think it has to be complicated. I don’t think it has to be many pages, even one simple page to get started. It’s very important to give people useful information and I’ll tell you like an interesting story. The man who does our alarm system, he puts out a newsletter. It just includes not only information about alarms but he includes information about interesting topics in the news. He’ll include a joke. He’ll include trending topics. So sometimes I’m just interested in looking at that to get information that doesn’t have to do with his own business but it keeps his business name in front of me and his other clients. So I think just even one page newsletter offering free advice, which people really appreciate, will keep your name in front of people via the newsletter. And if you want to test it, one thing you could do is you can run periodic contests where you offer something for even if it’s just a t-shirt and see if people are paying attention to the contest and that will give you some indication of how many people are paying attention. Are there any other questions at this moment, Zach?

Zach Rhodes: Oh, no. No this moment.

Tina Mosetis: Well, getting press can seem very, very complicated. But you actually can meet the press and get your name out there in the press. And one way to get started is to contact your local community newspaper. All you have to do is to offer to write a free column on your area of expertise. You don’t have to be scared by this. You don’t have to be a fantastic writer to do this. You simply need to put a clear introductory paragraph together followed by a list of bullet point suggestions to help people become more familiar with your area of expertise. And of course, be sure to end the column with your name and your business contact information. Just to give you a simple example, let’s say you’re in the roofing business. You can give people information about when it’s the best time to put a new roof on your building, what kind of tiles you should be using, etc. When you do that and people see that you’re an expert in your field, they’re much more likely to contact you. And if you do a good job you might get lucky and the newspaper might ask you to write a regular column. Another simple thing you can do is many communities have a local community access television channel and you can contact that channel and ask them to interview you.

There’s ways to get more media coverage and if you want to reach out to the larger media outlets like the daily newspapers or popular TV programs, you start out by writing a pitch letter to the columnist or to the producer who covers your industry. In the letter that you write you should point out some interesting facts regarding a recent news item or a trend in the industry and let them know your history in your area of expertise and the fact that you’re available for interviews. And if you’ve ever done an interview before they’d like to know that so you should put that in your pitch letter. To get in good with the media it’s very important to let producers and writers know that they can call on you anytime as a resource for more information. You should always be really helpful to producers and news writers even if they’re not planning on using you in their column or on their TV program because you never know when they’re going to call you back as a guest. And the more helpful you are and the more you help them network with people they need as guests, the more likely they are to call you back and keep you in mind for future interviews. What people need to realize about the media is that it’s the layering effect of seeing your name in a variety of places that will help you build your reputation.

They’ll maybe hear your name on a radio program. They’ll perhaps see you interviewed on a TV program or have your name mentioned in the newspaper column or even via social media or e-zines. And seeing your name repeatedly over a period of time that helps build your reputation and enhance your business. If you’re afraid of social media and you’re not expert in it, one simple way to get started is to call the local school or a college and ask for an intern. Interns also often get school credit for helping people and usually young people know a lot about social media and they can help you post your information. And what they get in return if you can’t pay them is they get to put on their resume that they helped your social media campaign, so it’s a win-win situation. If you’re not already on LinkedIn you absolutely should be and that’s a great way to get started, and it’s very simple. All you have to do is include your background about your current business and your work history and then people will start to find you on LinkedIn. I encourage you to ask your family, your friends and your colleagues to endorse you. And importantly you should search for potential connections on LinkedIn. You shouldn’t be shy about reaching out to people you don’t know as long as it’s appropriate.

You can write a brief introductory note to people you don’t know on LinkedIn, tell them about yourself and then you can just save that note and use it many, many times over and over again when you’re contacting new people via LinkedIn. You can also enhance your image on social media by regularly posting links to interesting articles in your field or again giving free advice is always a good way to go. So I encourage you to get started if you haven’t already done so. Also you should be using Facebook, have a business Facebook page. You should try to be tweeting information about your business. This will all help drive traffic to your website. If you’re running special events or handling certain great projects that have wonderful photos, you should post those photos about the events you’ve conducted. You should encourage your Facebook followers to share and like your information. And depending on what your business is, it might be appropriate to hold periodic contests on social media and that will encourage your followers to interact directly with your business. In summary, if you just get started taking a few of the simple steps we discussed today, you’ll be on a new path to creating greater recognition for your business. At Mosetis PR, we’ve managed the marketing and public relations of companies around the globe.

We’ve helped everybody from major corporations and non-profit organizations to smaller start-ups and entrepreneurs. We’ve represented authors, healthcare practices, academic institutions like colleges and universities. We’ve worked with media companies, pharmaceuticals and many prominent personalities. We have over 25 years of experience and we can help you with a variety of services if you’re interested such as developing your communications plan, branding your business, helping you get in the media, and God forbid if you need crisis communications, we can help with you that. And we can help you target new markets, write your speeches and newsletters, and help you with your ad campaigns. And we’re very proud to be working with Zintro today on this special promotion. We charge $175 an hour but for Zintro members we are reducing our rate to $135 per hour on any contract of $2,000 or more. I would like to answer any questions of anybody out there now. We can take the time to address all your questions.

Bhairavi Mehta: Thank you Tina for the wonderful presentation. Zach, are there any questions you would like to share at this point?

Zach Rhodes: One question we have from Felix is what is one thing a company can do right away that will have the most impact in the way of publicizing their business?

Tina Mosetis: Well, it varies from company to company. I would say the most important thing is to get out there and meet people and tell everybody that you care about what you do and obviously you want to try to meet people that are in your field. As I gave the earlier example, if you’re in the healthcare field, you want to go to as many business meetings as possible in the healthcare field so people know what services you’re offering. So I would say meeting people is the single most important thing.

Zach Rhodes: I have another question from Haleen [SP]. She wrote she currently works with arthritis and used the hashtag, #arthritis, and more than 500 tweets but has never had anyone retweet it, or contact her regarding it. What are other things you can use on social media to get a better response rate?

Tina Mosetis: I’m not sure what kind of tweets Haleen is using, but I find the most helpful kind of tweets are informational tweets. For example, if there is a new method of controlling arthritis pain, that would be a very helpful tweet that people would really want to know about, and that is much more likely when you give that kind of advice that’s helpful to people that’s going to get retweeted.

Zach Rhodes: She just simply replied that all of her tweets contained informational tweets. Is there anything else she could do?

Tina Mosetis: Yes, she can link to the website. I don’t know where she’s working on. I assume they have a website. She can entice people to go to the website by giving free tips and saying a few need more information on controlling pain, or if you want to participate for example walkathon to help arthritis sufferers, click on our website. Also if they’re working with any prominent personalities that might be involved with the organization like any celebrities or big business people, people like to see that and she can say come and meet so and so in our next meeting, and bring a link back to the website that we’ll give more information about the meeting. So the more you can do to enhance the organization via prominent personalities, that’s a big feature that helps people a lot. Or if you can announce that there’s a free conference where people will get a lot of good information of how to control their arthritis symptoms, that would help a lot.

Zach Rhodes: Great. Another question we have from David is, he’s trying to set an intern program for college students at a local university and no one has been signing up for it. What are some creative ideas you can use to attract more candidates to apply for the position?

Tina Mosetis: Well, I think you should say what he’s offering because perhaps he’s just saying what he needs. But if he’s saying that in return he would give outstanding references for anybody who does a good job, if there are any fringe benefits that you can offer like maybe providing lunch or dinner or sometimes students have trouble with transportation, if there’s any way he can provide transportation to and from the job. Anything that you can do to entice people with special offers rather than just explaining your needs, that would be helpful.

Zach Rhodes: Excellent.

Tina Mosetis: And he can also announce, put thanks on his website to any intern that does a good job and also thank them via their social media so that will help get their interns name out there.

Zach Rhodes: Perfect. Next question we have is from Meg. She’s asking that how much should a small startup company be spending on their social media marketing effort where she’s a niche business? She does merger and acquisition consulting. And is there a number she can kind of like look towards when budgeting for social media and publicity?

Tina Mosetis: Well, of course it’s very different depending on everybody’s budget. But I would say it’s an important aspect of the business and if you’re not able to handle it all yourself, if you can hire a consultant. The fees range dramatically depending on who you hire. If you’re on a limited budget and you can find the student who’s great at it, you might be able to spend as little as $100 a month. If you want to hire a major firm who specializes in social media, you can be spending a lot more such as $2,500 or more a month. So you have to figure out your budget but I would say as sort of a guesstimate, I would consider that in terms of your public relations and media budget, I would try to budget at least 20% towards social media. Well, I want to thank everybody for attending. I really appreciate it and if you need more advice or you’re interested in working with Mosetis Public Relations, we look forward to speaking to you. You can contact us directly via email which listed on this slide or you can call us at 516-487-5866 and we will offer the reduced rate for all the Zintro members.

Bhairavi Mehta: Thank you, Tina. That was a great presentation.