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legal_services_fort_myers_floridaLegal Malpractice

Need Legal Malpractice Attorney. In motorcycle accident we contacted a lawyer that advertises that he helps motorcyclist’s that have been injured in an accident, he referred us to a south Dakota law firm, they filed suit, we completed depositions, went into mediation/arbitration waste of time. then our attorney up quits bogus reason given. We talk to him he decides to represent us anyway because court dates are nearing 4-6 months away in about 2 months he quits for the second time. It’s been a bit over 4 years since accident happened *****. Now we are left with a law suit just hanging in the wind. I have contacted I think almost every Law Firm in the State of South Dakota nobody wants to take it. They claim it’s too messy to take one this old most likely will have a lien put on it by the original Law firm hired. We live in a different state than where the accident took place around an original 90,***** medical bills, I lost my job I was making $***** Hr. other attorney said I could not get much for losing my job. We feel they under valued our suit anyway we need HELP! I just lost the last 30 minutes of typing I’m not fast I’m not going to do it it’s faster to get the facts verbally
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Nigerian Law

International Custody Dispute
Nigerian law: dual nationality; obtaining Nigerian passports for relatives born in the U.S.; Hague Convention on international custody disputes.
I am a lawyer involved in an international custody dispute. Need an expert on Nigerian law.
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Legal And Accounting

I need some one with strong legal and accounting background. I require him to perform legal and financial due diligence on a group of related companies registered in the United States and the British Version Islands. Scope includes (not limited to) review of shareholders agreements, trademark registration (under the Madrid system and others), legal ownership and fraud investigation. The deliverable required is a document with LDD and FDD sections to present to related parties. Anticipated number of solid working hours till report delivery *****.
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