Quora Raises $80 Million in Venture Capital

Quora_logo.svgThe question-and-answer website Quora has raised $80 million in a new venture capital round as it looks to increase growth and protect its independence. Tiger Global Management and four current Quora investors –Benchmark. Matrix Partners North Bridge Venture Partners and Peter Thiel– are participating in the Series C round.

Although Quora won’t reveal the valuation the new round paced on the company, there has been speculation that it was higher than the $400 million Quora was valued at after a $60 million Series B round in 2012. When Tiger Global approached the company about investing, Quora was not actively seeking another round of venture capital. According to Marc Bodnick, leader of Quora’s business and community teams, accepting the additional funding was a type of insurance policy for the company.

Zintro expert and global sourcing specialist James Filbird helps companies and entrepreneurs find sourcing solutions for products they wish to sell in major brand-name retail stores in North America, Europe, Asia and other international markets. “While the news of Quora’s new round of funding (that gives them a stronger position in the online social media world) is important news, I don’t think that valuation is the most important aspect of their funding acquisition,” Filbird says. “I believe the most important benefit of having access to money and independence is the ability to create a stronger community that is more informed and educated. Quora should focus on developing a more refined Value Proposition so that they will continue growing a loyal tribal following that will ensure their stable growth and brand recognition. It’s a very competitive market in the global arena, so doing everything with the money and human capital a company has access to is vital for a company’s role and existence in the business world.”

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