Inquiry Roundup- Navigation and GPS

Import of GPS tracker into India .so licence requirement form WPC...more

GPS Systems

I need to speak with someone who has extensive experience in micro/nano GPS technology, and who can consult me on a design/business idea regarding the implementation of small, cost-effective GPS devices (and batteries) into an already existing, non-mechanical object, as well as the creation of software to accommodate the devices….more


I have a legal case in Sonoma County, CA, wherein my client, while carrying his cell phone, fell on a sidewalk. The medical records show a history that indicates that he might not have been on that sidewalk. He says that his cell phone GPS puts him at the sidewalk at the time of the fall, but he is not an expert. Do you have anyone local, reasonably priced, who might be able to render an expert opinion after examining the device?….more

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