First Solar Seeks New Opportunities: Another Look

Zintro Gerard NJA recent Zintro post discussed solar-panel maker First Solar’s plan to seek deals with industrial sites and warehouses to increase sales. First Solar has been looking for new opportunities as U.S. power companies have begun to meet state requirements and no longer need to buy more solar energy.

Electrical engineering expert Gerry O’Halloran, P.E. adds his thoughts to the Zintro conversation. “The skill set for net-metered rooftop commercial is different than grid-tie utility scale farms. The ability to quickly and correctly navigate the potential structural & racking issues combined with the ability to tailor inverter selection and specify a cost-effective tie-in is crucial in making the project profitable.  FS has low wattage Cd-Te modules. Their ability to select projects where their engineering talents can be utilized in revenue-enhancing niche markets, such as storage and ancillary services, will be crucial to their success.”

O’Halloran has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science degree  in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a New Jersey P. E. license in Electrical Power. His experience includes designing and commissioning 20MW of solar photovoltaics.

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