Success Story: Sanchit Kumar

SanchitSanchit Kumar is a technical consultant and software licensing specialist. His experiences as a Microsoft Certified Licensing Sales Specialist and Adobe Certified Volume Licensing Specialist have proven valuable while consulting through the Zintro platform.

“My experience with Zintro has been very pleasant,” says Kumar. “It’s helped me reach out to new businesses as a consultant. I have also been able to network professionally because of its great platform.”

Kumar worked on a project with a leading market research firm that specializes in customized supply chain management reports. He explains, “I helped the client by providing consulting services on key market trends in the software and hardware industries− the best methodologies in procurement, how organizations are moving towards green procurement. I also provided them with insight on software licensing and its trends, and answered questions such as:

  • How can companies can optimize the software inventory and save money?
  • Is it better to depend on a single vendor for all of IT needs vs. multi-vendor?
  • Should companies manage the procurement decisions at home office globally, or should they do it at regional subsidiary levels?
  • Is it better to go with bundled procurement (hardware and software together from an OEM) or an A la carte model?
  • What are the pros and cons of different approaches in procurement

In addition, I worked with them to help them classify different software resellers around the globe i.e. Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.”

Kumar’s project wrapped up successfully. “The client was very happy with my work. They sent me an email to show their appreciation.”

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