Rehau Group Banks on Philippine Real Estate Construction Boom

Zintro_RehauHoping that the Philippine real estate construction boom will boost sales of polymer products for furniture and appliance makers and construction companies, German polymer products maker RehauGroup has opened a division in the Southeast Asian nation. Vijay Jain, Rehau CEO, told reporters that the company plans to seriously grow its business in the Philippines now that there is an office at the Taipan Center in Pasig City.

The Philippines accounts for less than 5 percent of sales in Southeast Asia, which Rehau intends to double sales from last year in this current year and grow to 20 percent within 8 to 10 years. In the past sales and clients in the Philippines were being handled by the office in Singapore. “Rehau is optimistic about economic prospects of the… [Philippines] in the long-term,” said Christopher delos Reyes, head of office and representative in the Philippines. œThe boom in the construction and real estate industry is promising, delos Reyes noted.

Zintro expert Phillip Seawalt has  an extensive background in international business based on over 20 years of experience in the industry. He also has over 30 years of large commercial real estate development experience. Seawalt shares his reaction to Rehau’s plans. “The Philippines is a very, very tough market. Rehau would need a product that solves a lot of problems for the user, and be very cost competitive. Lots of other things come into play, of course. Strategic location for one thing, relative to S.E. Asia.”

Elliott Burke, Rehau business unit director, announced plans to introduce new products in order to widen the company’s client base from the premium base it now works with to Philippines middle-markets such as condominium markets. If business volume increases significantly Rehau would consider adding a factory to the Philippines. Rehau now has factories in Indonesia, China, and Thailand.

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