Zintro just got better! Also, did you hear about the six figure referral fee?

We hope you are enjoying the recently released Browse page and would love to hear your feedback.

The Zintro team is working at full pace to improve your experience and soon you will see some big changes like a completely new “Matches” section (similar to browse, but only for your areas of expertise), as well as a simplified Zmail called “Conversations”. There will also be many other useful changes like simplified call scheduling, required counter-party disclosures, the ability to include attachments to your messages and a new billing tool.

Starting today we have lifted the monthly limit. As a basic user you used to be able to respond to only 3 Clients per month. Last month, as part of the new Browse page launch, we lifted the limit to 5 Clients per month. We have now completely lifted the monthly limit, giving you one free response every day.

Come every day and respond for free always.

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Trivest webinar for the six figure referral fee

As we announced in our last newsletter, now that Zintro and Trivest Partners have forged a relationship,  you can benefit by being awarded a SIX FIGURE (80% of a modified “Lehman Formula”) referral fee and a Mercedes. In order to provide all of the information you need to get in on this exciting deal sourcing opportunity, Trivest is holding a webinar Tuesday February 25th at 2pm ET. The 30 minute webinar will explain the compensation programs for introductions to Founders, including the S-Class Mercedes Benz program. Zintro users, sign up for the webinar and you may be on your way to earning six figures!


Success Stories

Here are just TWO of the experts who have found success on Zintro.

Wayne Citron recently consulted on a project about worker’s compensation coverage and underwriting guidelines.

Arno Anthony utilizes his many years in Hospitality and Tourism to drive new leads on the Zintro platform.


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